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Sound Productions - The Facts:

Company: Sound Productions
Location: Irving, TX
Industry: Supplier of Pro Audio, Lighting and Video products
Problem: Inefficient workflows with multiple, un-integrated software.
Solution: Implementing Sage 100 and integrating 3rd party software and customizing Workflows.

“We needed to integrate our technology tools and a partner to work with over the long haul. In my opinion, our Blytheco representative Kelly Rayburn is one of the best individuals and professional associates I’ve worked with in my career.”

Joshua Curlett, COO.

Sound Productions is a major supplier of professional audio, lighting and video equipment.  Although based in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area, they service clients nationally.   Well respected in their industry, a large segment of their customer base includes houses of worship, contractors, DJ’s, along with home recording enthusiasts and other professionals who need quality sound and lighting solutions.

For Chief Operating Officer Joshua Curlett and the rest of his team, delivering a quality customer experience is their top priority. “One of the things our company is most excited about is what we call our ‘Sound Production Experience.’ In every step of all our processed, from sales through warehousing to shipments and how we communicate vital information, we are always looking for how we can put or customers first.”

But upon his arrival to the company, their workflows didn’t provide the proper framework to live out that philosophy. The company had a jumble of software that didn’t speak to each other and data was everywhere.  For example, they were using Quickbooks for accounting, and a separate program for sales. They weren’t able to accurately forecast and what minimal reporting they could generate was unreliable.

 “We have so many products to sell to our customers, whenever we would have a business problem, we started asking ourselves is there a better way to do things?”  Those questions set them on a path to seek out better, more integrated technology tools and a partner to work with over the long haul.  Their search lead them to Blytheco and their now highly integrated and customized Sage 100 and Sage CRM system.

Joshua shares, “Our ERP is the central hub of all data and interactions.  Our website and shopping cart software are integrated with our ERP and CRM.  We use EDI with our manufacturers and vendors. Even our UPS World Ship is integrated with our Sage 100.   We are able to easily track shipments and order information and send emails to the customer with a status update. It helps us put our customers first because we are giving them critical information in a timely manner.”

“In my opinion,” Joshua shares, Kelly is one of the best individuals and professional associates I’ve worked with in my career.

As a result of improving their technology infrastructure over the last few years, Sound Productions has become more cost efficient and able to do a lot more with just a core team.  They are now able to make better business decisions and they have greatly improved their customer relationships.  Joshua credits much of the evolution of their system to his work with Blytheco Business Account Manager Kelly Rayburn.

“In my opinion,” Joshua shares, Kelly is one of the best individuals and professional associates I’ve worked with in my career.  A lot of the improvements to our system came from direct conversations with her.  I think Kelly does a great job of asking the right questions and delegating appropriately to the right resources.  She’s really just a fantastic person to work with and has helped us navigate how to use the technologies and processes related to them.”

The admiration is mutual as Kelly shares regarding working with Joshua and Sound Productions: “Joshua is a model client and a real joy to work with.  He is very responsive, open to new ideas and feedback, and has a very strong desire to push his company to the next level.  Joshua understands how important it is to keep their system up to date with customer offerings and continues to work closely with our team here at Blytheco to have a full understanding of how we can help him continue to streamline and maximize his business.”


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