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The Industrial Door Company - The Facts:

Company: The Industrial Door Company
Industry: Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Garage Doors
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Software: Sage 100 ERP, Sage CRM
Problem: Ineffective manual sales process
Solution: Selected and implemented a CRM system that tightly integrated with their existing ERP.

“[Implementing Sage CRM was] hands down the best decision of 2016!”

Jenny McGrath, Director of Sales & Marketing / CRM Administrator

The Industrial Door Company has been serving the garage door industry for over 40 years. There are two major components of their business. They make springs for garage door manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors throughout the world. They also offer installation, maintenance, and repair services to residential and commercial real estate customers.

With multiple business units inside their company, each division has their own sales process. When Industrial Door was smaller, it was easier to keep track of deals and the associated details. But the company has been growing. Spreadsheets were now not sufficient to manage pipeline data. It was hard for sales team members to follow up effectively with customers without having accurate visibility into the sales cycle.

What on the surface seemed like little problems, in reality, added up to big bucks in lost revenue. Deals were falling through the cracks. Industrial Door was already a Blytheco client for their Sage 100 system. So they turned to the Blytheco team for recommendations. The solution? It was time to pick and implement a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.

“We had invested in a few different CRM programs in the past and just could not find the right software platform until we discovered Sage CRM."

Blytheco CRM consultant Kevin Freeman implemented Sage CRM to complement their ERP. Kevin also customized the system to manage their two different sales process workflows. Now all the sales data coexists happily in one system. Today, Industrial Door has better management and tracking of all their deals. Their CRM has taken the guesswork out of knowing how close a prospect or customer was in the sales cycle. It has made all the difference in their bottom line.

Jenny McGrath, Director of Sales and Marketing has this to say about their new CRM: “We had invested in a few different CRM programs in the past and just could not find the right software platform until we discovered Sage CRM. We quickly realized having the sales team, customer service, and quality division all adopting the same system that integrates with our ERP system would help eliminate a lot of calls and emails back in forth between departments. We can truly say all of our departments are operating together now. Our efficiency has gone through the roof. Hands down, this was the best decision of 2016!”


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