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Managing inventory cycles and maintaining adequate stock levels can be complex processes without the right management tools. When used in conjunction with Accounts Payable, the Purchase Order module contains extensive purchase order features designed to help you maintain accurate inventory records and streamline your purchasing processes.

Built to save you time and ensure that you never run out of key items, purchase orders can be automatically generated when your on-hand quantity falls below a specified minimum level. Send purchase orders by e-mail to your vendors to ensure timely delivery of key inventory items. Numerous reports are available to help you make informed purchasing decisions including an Order Recommendation report. Receipt of goods will automatically adjust inventory quantities, producing a Back Order Fill report that can be printed in Order Entry, and aid you in making informed sales order fulfillment decisions. Furthermore, purchase order receipts can optionally produce an accounts payable invoice to save data entry time and increase invoicing accuracy.

Sage BusinessWorks Accounting offers proven features that help you gain a competitive edge. By taking advantage of the purchase order features, you’ll always know what items are in high demand and the proper order quantity needed to satisfy your customers without tying up your cash flow on seasonal or low performing items.
Purchase Order Module


Tracks purchase orders from entry to fulfillment, providing a complete detailed history for better purchasing decisions.
Maintains purchase order history including ordered and received items, while automatically updating Inventory Control for precise inventory tracking.
Allows detailed comments and non-stock items to be added to purchase orders, providing better communication with your vendor and facilitating more accurate purchase order receipts.
Creates new purchase orders by copying a purchase order for a similar order on file for the same vendor or a different vendor.
Ensures you have adequate stock on hand to meet your needs with the Automatic Purchase Order feature which generates purchase orders based on inventory stock levels.
Creates one or more purchase orders from a Sales Order, improving productivity and order accuracy.
Provides tracking of drop ship orders.
Enables open purchase orders to be edited, line items to be canceled, and the order to be reprinted to accommodate your purchasing needs.
Permits entire purchase orders to be canceled or deletion or specific line items can be deleted while leaving the rest of the purchase order intact.
Ensures that you always have enough stock on hand to satisfy your customers’ needs without overstocking. Purchase orders can be automatically generated for the primary vendor based upon order points that you define.
Saves you time by enabling accounts payable vendors and inventory parts to be added on the fly during purchase order entry.
Easily accommodates purchase order returns as well as the cost adjustment of items already received into inventory.
Processes zero cost purchase orders to accommodate internal requisition of inventory items.
Allows purchase order forms to be customized to meet your needs. Sage BusinessWorks can even simultaneously maintain various purchase order styles to accommodate the different needs of your larger vendors.
Optionally prints the vendor’s part number on the purchase order for more accurate inventory fulfillment.
Tracks as much or as little purchase order information as desired. The Maintain Purchase Order option can be customized to exclude certain fields you may not use, expediting data entry.
Records and tracks purchase orders by warehouse or location, providing more detailed records.


Purchase Order (reprinted form)
Purchase Order Report, Closed
Purchase Order Report, Open
Purchase Order Report, Past Due
On Order Report
Order Recommendation Report
Inventory Low Stock Report
Inventory Overstock Report
Inventory Performance Report
Business Graphics
Receipts Transaction Register
Receipt Adjustment Transaction Register
Custom Reports
Serialized Inventory Receipts Report
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