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Successful, well-organized businesses rely heavily on their inventory management system to make certain they have adequate inventory levels to satisfy their customers. The Inventory Control module for the Sage BusinessWorks Accounting system provides this level of control by offering high-end features normally reserved for large companies, including: light manufacturing capabilities, serial number tracking, and multi-warehouse support. The module even has an image library feature that allows you to attach a picture to each part.

Improved customer service leads to increased profitability. And, when integrated with our Accounts Receivable and Order Entry modules, Inventory Control can significantly boost your customer service levels while operating as the cornerstone of an effective manufacturing or distribution solution. For more complex project management, Inventory Control can be coupled with the Job Cost module to help track all inventory-related expenses for a project. Inventory tracking is enhanced even more when integrated with the Custom Office module, which creates detailed spreadsheets to provide further analysis of inventory performance.

The Inventory Control system offers comprehensive reporting capabilities to keep you on top of inventory status. It can help bring about the creation of new or improved purchasing policies, sales policies, pricing methods, and even enhanced customer service. By using Sage BusinessWorks, you will have the tools to create an inventory system with the depth to meet your company's needs for years to come.


Tracks back orders and sales promotions when used in conjunction with the Order Entry module.
Provides complete physical inventory capabilities and makes inventory tracking easy with worksheets and variance reports.
Provides instant inquiry of part information, including receipts, issues, returns, and adjustments.
Allows you to post charges to the Job Cost module for more complete tracking of materials used on a project.
Tracks minimum, maximum, and order point stocking levels for each part to help you keep your stock quantities at optimum levels.
Tracks quantities and history for up to 99 user-defined warehouses, and provides a transfer option that allows parts to be easily moved between warehouses.
Tracks serial numbers for parts and indicates when parts are received, reserved, or issued.
Stores and displays images of your parts, allowing you to see a part and verify its description when talking to a vendor or customer.
Provides four costing methods: Standard, Average, FIFO, and LIFO.
Maintains complete information for each inventory part, including on-hand, backorder, and on-order quantities, vendors, substitute items, components, and transaction history for up to 60 months.
Provides “model” parts for easy addition of new parts to inventory.
Supports fractional costs, prices, and quantities for stock and non-stock items.
Provides four pricing methods (absolute, margin, markup, and base) for each part and allows price differences by customer type as well as quantity price breaks.
Supports up to 25 price levels (which can be activated on a part-by-part basis) and five quantity breaks to facilitate flexible pricing schemes.
Quickly locates parts, product lines, purchase orders, accounts payable vendors, and general ledger accounts with a search feature.
Customize part lookups to include only active items that are in stock.
Allows classification of parts on inventory reports, as well as the general ledger posting.
Allows five user-defined product categories to be assigned to parts that further describe them (for example, size, style, and color).


ABC Analysis Report
Adjustments Transaction Register
Bin Ticket
Business Graphics
Component Use List
Cost List
Flash Report
Inventory Low Stock Report
Inventory Overstock Report
Inventory Performance Report
Issues Transaction Register
Location List
Margin Analysis Report
Master Parts List
On Hand Detail Report
Physical Inventory Variance Report
Physical Inventory Worksheet
Pick List
Price List
Product Line List
Receipts Transaction Register
Returns Transaction Register
Sales Promotions List
Serialized Inventory Reports
Stock Status Report
Subassembly Detail Report
Subassembly List
Substitute Parts List
Transaction Summary Report
Transaction Detail
Vendor Supply List
Warehouse Stock Report
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