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F9 Financial Report Writer Module — Sage BusinessWorks

F9 is the leading general ledger-based financial reporting application that can help your company achieve significant gains in productivity. The software automatically delivers data from your Sage BusinessWorks General Ledger module to your favorite spreadsheet program. You’ll save valuable time by eliminating the re-keying of data into your spreadsheet. And, by putting your existing spreadsheet knowledge to use, you can create presentation-quality reports that give you a clear picture of the financial state of your company.

Additionally, you can easily perform a “what if” analysis to determine the effect of business decisions on your company’s financial status by using up-to-the-minute information from your General Ledger module. This allows you to make well-informed decisions that can help ensure the financial success and profit growth of your company.


Enhances the presentation of your data by allowing you to take advantage of the graphics, text and add-in capabilities of Excel.
Provides optimum flexibility by allowing you to create financial reports that span any period, even one-week or one-day reports if desired.
Loads all or part of your chart of accounts into memory. This dramatically decreases recalculation times and increases the overall efficiency of your workgroup.
You can access data from all BusinessWorks Gold fiscal years using F9.
Guides you through report creation step by step. You can create a complete financial report with all F9 functions, formulas and cell references intact in a matter of seconds with the Report Wizard.
Provides flexible turnkey options. Suppose you have created a departmental report with one cell containing the department code (e.g., 100). Change 100 to 100,200 and you have a two-department consolidated report. Change 100 to to an asterisk (*) and you have an all-departments report.
Enables a mechanism for passing budgets back and forth between your general
ledger and spreadsheet, saving you valuable time and eliminating entry errors.
Easily creates and edits budgets, saving you hours throughout the year.
Provides an additional method of updating budget information with a WGL formula. WGL lets you update budget accounts on an individual basis, allowing more flexibility in developing forms for the budget process.
Allows you to create dialog boxes, menus and buttons. You can use them to easily access and maintain your accounting numbers. This provides much of the functionality you’d find in an executive information system and can help you make more informed, profit-boosting decisions.
Enhances productivity by significantly simplifying the creation of reports with a general ledger Function Wizard. The appropriate numbers of cells are automatically inserted in the spreadsheet to build an F9 report. The general ledger formula contains the cell references required to complete the report.
Provides extensive formula functionality with Financial Entities. general ledger account numbers may be specified, using either the segment value or its description, as they appear in the chart of accounts. You can also define your own F9 Financial Entities.
Offers powerful Account Inquiry capabilities, giving you the knowledge you need to boost sales productivity. Just launch F9, select the account(s) from which you want a balance, and click Get Balance. With Account Inquiry, you can obtain account balances from your general ledger without using your spreadsheet. This makes queries fast and easy.
Takes the settings from the previous Account Inquiry Get Balance request and pastes a formatted general ledger function on the active sheet, saving you time.
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