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Save time designing and distributing presentation-quality reports. Crystal Reports by Business Objects allows you to instantly create presentation-quality reports that take advantage of Sage BusinessWorks Accounting data. It’s a powerful “what you see is what you get” report writer that generates meaningful reports and helps you make smart, informed business decisions that can lead your company to increased profitability.

Make quick, informed decisions with customized reports. Your company is unique and therefore may desire reports that fit your specific needs. Crystal Reports gives you the power to take control over the look of your documents in a wide variety of ways. Select your preferred font type, size, and text color. Enhance the layout by applying lines, borders, and shading. Further enrich your reports with embedded pictures, diagrams, and logos. Use tables, cross-tabulations, or one of the many graph styles to communicate your financial information. You can even create reports with drill-down capabilities simply by selecting that option for the detail section of a report. Simply put, the reporting flexibility you’ll get with Crystal Reports is unparalleled.

Step-by-step processes save you time. Crystal’s “Experts” are wizards that guide you through the report process from start to finish, and “Private Tutor” is a built-in training and online help system. When you’re ready, you can run your reports at pre-determined times, even unattended.

Easily access all your data. The ODBC (open database connectivity) driver, included with the application, gives Crystal Reports direct access to your Sage BusinessWorks data. The ODBC driver also provides read-only access to Sage BusinessWorks data for other applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access software, for automatic transfer of your accounting information into other applications and report writers.


Allows you to embed sub-reports into a main report. For example, you can embed a customer sales account history in a sales highlight report.
Creates conditional and multiple section reports, so you can build special conditions into each individual section of a report and print with greater precision. This also allows one report to produce several different outcomes.
Allows you to present summary information in a single cell, replacing columnar report formats and making your information easier to read.
Compiles graphs based on details, formulas, and subtotals and offers several graphical formats.
Publishes reports to the Web with automatic HTML output, presenting embedded graphs and other features of the original report. When exporting to Word and Excel, images, lines, boxes, and colors are included. E-mail reports can be created in one of 15 file formats.
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