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 All Sage 100 (MAS 90, MAS 200) Job Cost enhancements.
 Item Number Description   Module Price Maintenance 
 M9-JC-1000Inventory Price Transfer
Affects the way inventory items are priced for a customer. This Extended Solution allows each job that has inventory items issued to it to have its own pricing methodology...
 Job Cost 
 M9-JC-1005Vendor Name on Job Cost Transaction Report
Vendor Name on Job Cost Transaction Report substitutes the Vendor Name for the Vendor Number/Invoice Number on the Job Cost Transaction Detail Report for postings...
 Job Cost 
 M9-JC-1007Revenue Posting by Cost Code/Cost Type
Changes the way job revenue is posted to General Ledger. Normally the revenue and deferred revenue accounts are specified by Job Type; all revenue from a job will...
 Job Cost 
 M9-JC-1009Full Item Descriptions
Allows the full description of inventory items to print on the Billing Selection Register, Job Transaction Detail Report and Job Invoices. The full descriptions are...
 Job Cost 
 M9-JC-1019Date Sensitive Job Cost Reports
Date Sensitive Job Cost Reports alters existing Job Cost reports and adds a new Custom Job Cost Detail Report (see Specific Purpose Rule). The custom report...
 Job Cost 
 M9-JC-1022Enhanced Change Order
Enhanced Change Order allows you to apply Change Orders to a specified Cost Code/Cost Type’s Revised Cost Estimate, and Revised Unit Estimate fields.
 Job Cost 
 M9-JC-1029Job Invoices with Comment Block
Job Invoices With Comment Block Adds comment block on Fixed Price and Time and Material invoices.
 Job Cost 
 M9-JC-1035Job Cost Reports with Commitments
Job Cost Code Detail Report and Job Cost Transaction Detail Report will include a new option to print Purchase Order Commitments. These ‘commitments’ are calculated...
 Job Cost 
 M9-JC-1038Cost of Sales Post by Cost Code
Allows for specification of a Cost-Of-Sales account number by Cost Code.
 Job Cost 
 M9-JC-1073Automatic 'Next' Job Number Assignment
Allows the next available job number to be automatically assigned in Job Masterfile Maintenance and Estimate Update To Job.
 Job Cost 
 M9-JC-1151Customer Equipment Numbers For Jobs
Maintains a listing of Serial Numbers that are associated with each Customer. A serial number is then assigned to a job. The job transaction detail report can be selected...
 Job Cost 
 M9-JC-1162Alternate Invoice Numbering Logic
Job Cost module adds the ability to create sequential Job Billing Data Entry Invoice numbers.
 Job Cost 
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