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M9-LM-0001 - FaxMaster

For Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90/200)
Do you Repeatedly print, fold and stuff invoices, statements, purchase orders and sales orders? With Blytheco's FaxMaster, you can fax documents directly from Sage MAS 90 to your customers and vendors. Never again will you have to search for fax numbers. Note that FaxMaster requires VSI-Fax - Fax Server Software (additional fee of $1920.00)
For expanded functionality consider adding:
Broadcast Invoices (M9-AR-FXSI) This customization automates the collection process by sending monthly statements and open invoices electronically via fax or email. Send broadcast email messages to individuals, selected ranges or your entire Customer and Vendor contacts database from within Sage MAS 90 / Sage MAS 200.
Contact Manager (M9-AR-CTMG) Quickly find a contact or customer by searching on contact information such as name, email address or cell phone number. Select the contact and you will go directly to that customer record. This is a must for anyone that wants to effectively market to clients and prospects and adds additional functionality to Email Manager. It allows you to set preferences per contact as to the method of communication they prefer, as well as the topics they are interested in. When you are ready to generate a database to send your marketing message to - you will have the added option of narrowing down your search criteria by the topics they are interested in.
FaxMaster requires VSI-Fax - Fax Server Software.

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Required Module: VSI-Fax - Fax Server Software (additional $1920.00)
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