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bly:APPS - Sage 100 (MAS 90 & MAS 200) Extended Solutions

BlythecoDev offers an extensive catalog of robust vertical and productivity solutions to complement and extend
Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90 and MAS 200). Sage ERP systems are the most flexible and powerful solutions available, and BlythecoDev’s creative industry solutions ensure that you have the best of both worlds: top-of-the-line business management technology AND industry-specific processes. If you are interested in any of the solutions offered on these pages or have a general inquiry, please fill out our form Blytheco Solutions Questions or , or call us directly at 949-583-9500 x2500.

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 Item Number Description   Module
 M9-GL-1060Daily Amortization Utility for Service Contracts
Provides an amortization utility which uses a daily rate for the purpose of recognizing revenue on service contracts (Sales Order Invoices). These service...
General Ledger 
 M9-GL-1061Bank Reconciliation Integration with General Journal
Bank Reconciliation Integration with Gen. Journal allows you to associate Bank Codes with specific General Ledger Account Numbers by Source Journal. When that Source...
General Ledger 
 M9-GL-1100GL Multi Company Bundle
This part includes GL-1026, GL-1034, GL-1042, GL-1054, GL-1056, GL-1057, GL-1058, GL-1059
General Ledger 
 M9-IM-1007Unit of Measure Conversion Factors with Six Decimals
Allows for six decimal places in the Unit of Measure Conversion factor in Product Line Maintenance and in I/M Maintenance for the Sales and Purchase Units of Measure...
Inventory Management 
 M9-IM-1008Inventory Reports to Not Choose Zeros
It adds the following options to the Inventory Reorder report: exclude items having a Recommended Order Quantity of zero; exclude items with both a Recommended Order...
Inventory Management 
 M9-IM-1011IM Transaction Entry Import Utility
I/M Transaction Entry Import Utility imports Inventory Transaction data from an ASCII data file directly into the MAS 90 MAS 200 Inventory Transaction files for...
Inventory Management 
 M9-IM-1038Alternate Unit Of Measure 
Adds an Alternate Unit of Measure (AUM), and Alternate Unit of Measure Factor (AUMF) to Product Line Maintenance and Item Maintenance.
Inventory Management 
 M9-IM-1046Warehouse and Company Merge Utility
Warehouse/Company Merge Utility creates a new utility that allows a range of item numbers to be merged from one warehouse to another, either within the same Company...
Inventory Management 
 M9-IM-1049Vendor Rebates
Vendor Rebates allows Vendor Rebates to be set up and maintained for Item Number/Customer combinations. A report can be generated that reflects rebate information...
Inventory Management 
 M9-IM-1069Contract Pricing by Valid Date
Contract Pricing By Valid Date adds three additional options for Customer/Date, Price Level/Date, and Customer/Price Level/Date to Inventory Item Pricing....
Inventory Management 
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