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bly:APPS - Sage 100 (MAS 90 & MAS 200) Extended Solutions

BlythecoDev offers an extensive catalog of robust vertical and productivity solutions to complement and extend
Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90 and MAS 200). Sage ERP systems are the most flexible and powerful solutions available, and BlythecoDev’s creative industry solutions ensure that you have the best of both worlds: top-of-the-line business management technology AND industry-specific processes. If you are interested in any of the solutions offered on these pages or have a general inquiry, please fill out our form Blytheco Solutions Questions or , or call us directly at 949-583-9500 x2500.

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 Item Number Description   Module
 M9-DP-1002Extended Decimal in Work Order
Extended Decimal in Work Order adds the ability to use up to six places of decimal precision for the Quantity Mask in Work Order. Only Component Items will be affected...
Decimal Precision 
 M9-GL-1026Multiple Company Update Of Daily Transaction Register
Allows you to print and update a Daily Transaction Register (DTR) for multiple companies at the same time. Additional functionality is available if you have...
General Ledger 
 M9-GL-1032Security by GL Sub Account
Security By G/L Sub Account controls access to certain G/L Accounts by allowing you to list which Roles are associated with each General Ledger Sub Account.
General Ledger 
 M9-GL-1034Multiple Company General Journal Entry 
Adds the ability to specify a Company Code as part of the General Journal distribution line entry. Upon finishing General Journal line entry, debits and credits are...
General Ledger 
 M9-GL-1042Multiple Company General Ledger Detail Report 
Adds the ability to print the General Ledger Detail Report for Multiple Companies using the same sort and selection criteria.
General Ledger 
 M9-GL-1043Billion Dollar Support
Billion Dollar Support Increases the masks for dollar amounts to 11 places to the left of the decimal point in several data entry screens and data files.
General Ledger 
 M9-GL-1046Secondary Company Posting Of GL Detail
Adds the ability to specify a Secondary Company Code for G/L Detail Posting. During the update of any transaction to the GL Detail Posting file, the G/L transaction...
General Ledger 
 M9-GL-1054Multiple Company G/L Account Sync 
Synchronizes GL Account information across multiple companies.
General Ledger 
 M9-GL-1056´Due To´/´Due From´ Account Support of GL-1034 
Add additional posting functionality to GL-1034. Multiple Company General Journal Entry. Additional General Ledger entries will be created to offsetting Due To and...
General Ledger 
 M9-GL-1057Multiple Company Transaction Journal Entry 
Add the ability to specify a Company Code as part of the Transaction Journal distribution line entry. Upon Journal update, offset account postings will be made to...
General Ledger 
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