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bly:APPS - Sage 100 (MAS 90 & MAS 200) Extended Solutions

BlythecoDev offers an extensive catalog of robust vertical and productivity solutions to complement and extend
Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90 and MAS 200). Sage ERP systems are the most flexible and powerful solutions available, and BlythecoDev’s creative industry solutions ensure that you have the best of both worlds: top-of-the-line business management technology AND industry-specific processes. If you are interested in any of the solutions offered on these pages or have a general inquiry, please fill out our form Blytheco Solutions Questions or , or call us directly at 949-583-9500 x2500.

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 Item Number Description   Module
 M9-SO-0002SO PO Link
An ideal enhancement for companies that purchase product as required for Sales Orders! This enhancement allows Sales Order lines and Purchase Order Lines to be...
Sales Order 
 M9-SO-1003Automatic Next Customer Number
Adds the ability to maintain a separate Next Customer Number series for the Automatic Next Customer Number for Sales Order Entry, Sales Order Invoice Entry, RMA Entry...
Sales Order 
 M9-SO-1010SO Data Entry Tracking by User ID
Sales Order Data Entry Tracking By User ID Adds a pop up window to Sales Order Data Entry and Sales Order Quote History Inquiry that contains the names of the users...
Sales Order 
 M9-SO-1017SO Line Print Suppression by UDF
Using a Sales Order Detail UDF and a Sales Order Invoice Detail UDF as the print/no print flag, this Extended Solution sets the default value for the UDF based...
Sales Order 
 M9-SO-1018Enhanced Promise Date by Line
You can refresh existing lines with a change to the header Ship Date. The Promise Date is added to the S/O Invoice grid in the same manner as Order Entry. Sales...
Sales Order 
 M9-SO-1023Item Sales History
Allows you to view detailed Item Sales History by Customer/Item Number from Sales Order Entry, S/O Invoice Entry, A/R Customer Maintenance and Inquiry...
Sales Order 
 M9-SO-1032Customer Deposits and Payment Types in Sales Order
Allows for an unlimited number of deposits to be applied to a Sales Order and allows deposits from A/R Cash Receipts to be applied to a customer’s Sales Orders....
Sales Order 
 M9-SO-1050SO Weight and User Defined Category Item
Adds a floating window to the Lines tab of Sales Orders and Sales Order Invoices. For Inventory Item lines, it displays Weight Each, Weight Extended (Quantity...
Sales Order 
 M9-SO-1051Salesperson Commission by Product Line and Item Number
Adds a new entry screen to A/R Salesperson Maintenance for entering Salesperson Commission by Product Line or Item Number. During the commission calculation in...
Sales Order 
 M9-SO-1054Sales Order/Invoice Line Item Sorting Options 
Lines may be sorted by: • Item Number • Warehouse/Bin Location/Item Number • Item Category Code • Vendor Number • Item Description • Product Line/Item...
Sales Order 
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