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bly:APPS - Sage 100 (MAS 90 & MAS 200) Extended Solutions

BlythecoDev offers an extensive catalog of robust vertical and productivity solutions to complement and extend
Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90 and MAS 200). Sage ERP systems are the most flexible and powerful solutions available, and BlythecoDev’s creative industry solutions ensure that you have the best of both worlds: top-of-the-line business management technology AND industry-specific processes. If you are interested in any of the solutions offered on these pages or have a general inquiry, please fill out our form Blytheco Solutions Questions or , or call us directly at 949-583-9500 x2500.

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 Item Number Description   Module
 M9-PO-1033Alternate Unit of Measure
Adds IM-1038 Integration to Purchase Order B: Adds two new fields, Cost per Alternate Unit of Measurement (CAUM) and Quantity per Alternate Unit of Measure...
Purchase Order 
 M9-PO-1034Receipt of Goods Import Utility
Imports data from a file directly into the MAS 90 MAS 200 Receipt of Goods.
Purchase Order 
 M9-PO-1037Cash Basis Accounting and History Posting
Provides the ability to operate a cash basis accounting system within MAS 90 MAS 200 requires AP-1006: Cash Basis Accounting for Accounts Payable.
Purchase Order 
 M9-PO-1044Custom Comment Post to Job Cost
Allows the user to select one of six of comment postings to the Job Cost transaction detail file. It is designed to be used with JC-1005: Vendor Name on Job Cost Transaction...
Purchase Order 
 M9-PO-1054Warehouse Refresh For P/O Receipt of Goods
Adds a window to the header screen of Purchase Order Receipt Of Goods entry that pops up after a change is made to the warehouse code.
Purchase Order 
 M9-PO-1062Foreign Currency Processing
Provides a method to enter and maintain Purchase Orders in a foreign currency.
Purchase Order 
 M9-PO-1071Receipt Update to Not Refresh PO Unit Cost
Will prevent the update of a Unit Cost entered during Purchase Order Receipt of Goods or Receipt of Invoice that differs from the Unit Cost originally entered on the...
Purchase Order 
 M9-PO-1085Six Decimal Precision for Purchase Order
This Extended Solution ships as part of DP-1000. Please see DP-1000 for pricing.
Purchase Order 
 M9-PO-1127Multiple General Ledger Account Allocation
Adds the ability to distribute Inventory Items to multiple ‘inventory’ accounts during data entry.
Purchase Order 
 M9-PO-1158Square Foot Calculation with Custom Office UDFs
Creates a Square Foot calculation in Purchase Order Entry using Custom Office UDFs.
Purchase Order 
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