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Automatically Distribute Hundreds of Reports in a Single Click

Excel®- Based Information Delivery System
Design reports in Excel and automate the generation and distribution in a variety of different formats and methods. BizNet Broadcast gives you the ability to automate delivery of information to all levels of users in your organization.

Design Reports in Excel
BizNetBroadcast is 100% Excel-based which allows end-users to leverage existing spreadsheet expertise and workbooks. Companies can makebetter use of their current spreadsheets and no longer have to relyupon a single report resource to create new reports.

Automatically Generate and Distribute Multiple Formats
With BizNetBroadcast, within Excel, you can create an automated information delivery system to all levels of users in your organization. Users can receive timely, actionable information in the formats and methods they prefer. Users also have the ability to password protect their worksheets and merge PDF files.

Installs in Minutes
BizNetBroadcast can be deployed with a few mouse clicks. You can start increasing productivity and lower reporting costs today.
Features and Benefits:
  • Automated delivery of entire workbooks or designated worksheets to one or many recipients
  • Recipient-specific format and delivery
  • Utilize a single Excel template to auto-generate additional management reports for each division, region, store, etc. (requires BizNet Server)
  • Scheduled alerts and conditional delivery
  • Leverage your existing spreadsheets
  • Ability to merge PDF files
  • Password Protect Your Worksheets
Download BizNet Broadcast Brochure
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