Blytheco Advanced Marketing

Need to improve sales? Lower the cost of lead generation? Improve lead quality? Worried about being left behind in social media? Do you know where to start? We are here to help. Blytheco Advanced Marketing will help you take your business to the next level. We will help you increase leads, measure the results and improve revenue.

Social Media
Creation of blog and social sites, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. more
Increase your inbound leads. Increase your name recognition. Speed to close sales opportunities. more
Sales Process
Identify those in your organization that are successful and those that need more development. more
Website Development
User experience modeling, SEO improvement, increase Google Analytics. more
Outbound Marketing
Develop direct mail, email and telemarketing strategies. more
Inbound Marketing
Increase and develop followers on Twitter and Facebook. Learn content creation for social media and whitepapers. more
Customer Loyalty
Development, deployment and analysis of surveys to your customer base to determine your Net Promoter Score to increase your profitability. more
Ongoing Pricing
BAM’s monthly pricing options mean you have regular access to marketing expertise at the level that suits your needs. more
Marketing Review
Eight Hour on-site evaluation and high-level marketing plan. more
Database Management
CRM set up, training and ongoing consulting List development and strategy to increase effectiveness in your leads and sales opportunities. more
Three programs that will get you started as soon as possible. more
Blytheco Advanced Marketing Brochure
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