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Avalara Returns

File accurately and on time. Every time.

Automate and outsource and leavethe audit risk, headaches and resource drain of sales tax return preparation, fling and remittance behind. Put your compliance concerns to rest with Avalara Returns.

Avalara Returns integrates with AvaTax for optimum end-to-end automation of your sales tax calculation and remittance process. From pre-loaded calendars through fling and remittance, Avalara Returns automates your entire fling and remittance process. Avalara is a certified Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) compliance service provider.

Avalara Returns

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Avalara CertCapture

Certificate Management

imit your non-taxed transaction audit liability. Without all the hassle and in real-time. Ensure that valid certifcates are on hand immediately through electronic collection, storage and management - making them accessible anywhere, anytime.

Avalara Avatax


Automating the sales tax calculation/decision process saves time, money and effort. Avalara Avatax dynamically delivers 100,000+ taxability rules and applies them across 11,000+ jurisdictions at the point of transaction, fully integrated with your billing system or ERP.