Develop leaders and maximize employee potential with Ascentis Performance Tuning™ talent management system

Ascentis Performance Tuning integrates performance and learning in real-time through an intuitive mobile interface, allowing managers to fine tune performance on-demand. You get tools for your managers to acknowledge performance of employees in real time, making (optional) annual reviews effortless. It’s an approach that speaks to the heart of talent management, but one that all managers and employees can embrace. All tools are available on mobile devices.

  • Simple: Enjoy a solution where no training is required to use the tools, competencies are easy to find and training is easy to assign!
  • Specific: Tap into the power of on-demand training that’s tailored to the individual and remedies based on position-specific competencies.
  • Now: Give DIGITAL feedback to solve today’s performance challenges and to complete annual reviews in minutes instead of hours.

With our talent management system, managers can easily identify what makes their top people so successful and leverage those skills to help others, focus on the mid-level performers to help them accelerate their capabilities and competencies, while also taking action on the critical gaps that are holding back their lower performers from achieving their potential.

In turn, employees have the ability to update their accomplishments and rate themselves in our talent management software, giving them continual opportunities to positively influence their reviews. Performance Tuning will also grow your employees and expose the star performers that are able to lead your organization to the next level.

Ascentis Talent Management

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