Self-service software makes HR less about paper and more about people

Ascentis Self-Service is an optional module for Ascentis HR, Ascentis Recruiting, Ascentis Payroll and Ascentis Timekeeper that automates time-consuming processes for HR staff. Our employee self-service solutions provides companies with the following benefits:

  • Time savings gained through paperless online open enrollment, automated email communication, single-source of data entry and easily accessible data.
  • Reduced man hours spent on tasks such as eligibility calculations, maintaining federal compliance and time off requests.
  • Greater employee satisfaction derived from online time off requests, electronic plan documentation available at all times.

Touch-optimized mobile experience and configurable, role-based content sharing

Ascentis mobile delivery makes it easier for companies to increase HR technology adoption rates in their workforce and utilize powerful functionality no matter where they are. Ascentis’ touch-optimized, self-service mobile Web environment allows employees to manage and request time-off, access their company directory, and take action on workflow tasks through their device of choice.

HR administrators can publish content from RSS feeds and social networks to their self-service dashboard. These various types of content — also known as widgets — offer employees deeper engagement with company, department, and job-specific content. Managers can see manager-specific widgets on their dashboards, like turnover data, hiring and interview tips, benefit utilization, headcount by age range, performance review reminders, and more. Employees can see management announcements, information on benefits, and any other data that requires their attention.


Ascentis Employee Self-Service gives employees ownership over their data records and benefits

Ascentis Employee Self-Service (ESS) gives employees immediate access to all of their personal HR, benefits, and payroll information via the Web. This level of access is expected by today’s employees and its value is amplified in the drastically reduced call volumes to both the HR and payroll departments. The amount of paperwork generated in traditional benefits enrollment is staggering. Ascentis ESS can save weeks of your HR team’s time automating time-consuming, error-prone and paper-intensive processes, and giving ownership back into the hands of employees through online, paperless open enrollment period. Managing time-off and pay requests has never been easier Ascentis ESS allows employees to request time off and see where their requests are in the approval process. Automated communications between employee and manager self-service keeps all parties in the request process up to date. Ascentis ESS also helps the payroll department by providing employees online access to their direct deposit information, current and prior paystubs and W-2’s, and tax simulations to see how pay/tax changes affect their take home pay.


Data-driven decision making is easy with Ascentis Manager Self-Service

Ascentis Manager Self-Service (MSS) enhances the management decision making process. MSS offers flexible workflows, customizable approval processes and automated e-mail communications. For managers, MSS delivers data for better decisions, increases efficiency and control, and simplifies communications processes.

MSS helps managers understand the environment and implications of their decisions based on dynamic data:

  • Company leave calendar and time-sheet information enables managers to allocate resources effectively.
  • Compa-ratio metrics and salary modeling tools assist managers in gauging the organizational and budgetary implications of their decisions.
  • Workflow capabilities allow HR to create flexible approval processes that conform to company guidelines.
  • Create, view and edit user defined tabs – such as assets, training, certifications and more – for limitless customization to meet your managers’ needs.
  • Initiate terminations with the Termination Checklist. The list includes HR defined instructions, and a workflow for all parties involved in the termination, from management forward.
  • Every workflow action in MSS triggers an automated email to involved approvers.
  • Employees are instantly notified when an action is taken on their leave requests, in real time.
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