Easy-to-use, Web-based applicant tracking system

Ascentis Recruiting is a full-featured SaaS applicant tracking system, that provides HR professionals with the tools they need to recruit, qualify, and track applicants … and hire the best employees.

The Ascentis Recruiting product suite provides technology that streamlines, simplifies, and drives the applicant workflow and hiring process for companies of all sizes. Among other advantages, the system manages the onboarding process, standardizes new-hire paperwork, and helps maintain data security.

Manage applicants step-by-step from source to hire

Receive a complete record of when applicants and requisitions have been processed, updated and reviewed. The real-time details on a candidate’s progress in the hiring process means that no qualified candidate is misplaced and makes reporting easy. Provide your management team with accurate answers to source, applicant, requisition, or EEO/OFCCP questions.

Automate the source-to-hire process with greater efficiency and accuracy

From resumes to on-boarding activities, manual processes or non-optimal applicant tracking system processes are time-consuming and prone to errors. With Ascentis Recruiting, hiring managers and recruiters can walk the complex path from sourcing to hiring to on-boarding faster than the cumbersome traditional way. Once a hiring decision has been made, employee data is shared to the Ascentis HRIS system, eliminating errors from dual-data entry.

Career portals that set you apart

Embed a dynamic career portal into your company’s website with Ascentis Recruiting. The career portal automatically parses resumes, builds applications, and encourages employee referrals. Manage your online application process with weighted questions, specific to a requisition or global to all positions, designed to effectively pre-screen candidates and filter in the most qualified people that will enhance your organization.

Wield the power of social media

Many people, especially Millennials, look to their social networks to find career advancement opportunities. Ascentis Recruiting software integrates social features into job postings that allow your jobs to spread among networks and be shared, liked, Tweeted, Linked, and more.

Insightful analytical tools

Ascentis Recruiting software features powerful metrics reports that automatically calculate time-to-fill, aging and sub-cycle information. You’ll be able to evaluate applicant data for similarities and trends in sources, demographics and more. Ascentis Recruiting also monitors compliance with a variety of EEO/OFCCP tools.

Save time and money

Applicant tracking systems like Ascentis Recruiting increases recruiter productivity by an average of 15%. Using a Web-based recruitment software solution can increase applicant flow by as much as 30%, ultimately resulting in less need for advertising. With Ascentis Recruiting, stop paying agency fees and reduce time to fill open positions by as much as 40%.

Increase productivity and efficiency

With Ascentis Onboarding, you can enable new hires to complete their pre-hire paperwork online from any computer. Receive new hire’s acknowledgment of the employee handbook, company policies, and their application. The wizard-driven process ensures that all materials are completed. Eliminate duplicate data entry and filing costs with an online process that provides 24/7 access to data.

Improve communication and ensure security

Stay up-to-date on the new hire’s onboarding progress with status-driven workflows and email notifications. Rest assured that the candidate is submitting information on an encrypted site with dual authentication. Signed documents are stored in a document vault and assigned a complete electronic signature audit trail.

Ascentis Recruiting

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