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Real-time performance management software gives your organization the agility and responsiveness it craves

Your level of performance has a direct impact on the reputation of your brand — what you are known for. Your performance management ability is the fuel that grows your sales, your people and ultimately the success of your company. Ascentis’ Performance Management software gives managers tools to provide ongoing feedback throughout the year. This enables employees to take action and respond to change quickly. Ultimately, the annual review becomes a positive experience and evaluations can be completed in minutes versus hours.

Develop leaders

Ascentis Performance Management is a revolutionary solution that promotes more frequent manager interaction by supplying simple tools for providing more relevant feedback. Ascentis Performance Management makes it easy to track performance metrics more accurately so employees can develop skills when they can have the most impact. And both managers and employees can highlight accomplishments as they happen.

Monitor what matters

Ascentis Performance Management provides real-time leaderboards for performance and feedback to identify who is more regularly developing employees and delivering results. You can also monitor events leading up to turnover, as well as follow-up on development plans.

Ascentis Performance Management allows you to manage:

Goals | Development Plans | Accomplishments | Feedback | Evaluations

Ascentis Performance Management

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