Ascentis HR can connect to many payroll solutions

If you choose to stay with your current payroll provider, you can easily connect Ascentis HR to various payroll software solutions with Payroll Connect. Built on an innovative XML framework, Payroll Connect provides bi-directional payroll connectivity, and integrates Ascentis HR with numerous payroll solutions.

Bi-directional connectivity snychronizes databases and simplifies processes

Payroll Connect simplifies the payroll process with a single-point of data entry which eliminates redundancy, double entry, and inaccurate information. When a new employee is hired, or changes are made to an existing employee record, Payroll Connect transfers the updated information from Ascentis HR to your payroll solution. Conversely, during implementation of Payroll Connect, employee data can be transferred from the payroll solution into Ascentis HR. This saves hours of data entry and ensures data accuracy.

When Payroll Connect is activated, it compares the Ascentis HR database against the payroll solution’s database to ensure that both systems are synchronized and working from the same core employee and benefits data. This ensures consistency and data accuracy.* New hire, benefits, bonuses, attendance and personal leave type information also can be transferred between the systems.**

Role-based security allows only specified Ascentis HR users access to Payroll Connect. These specified users can review differences between databases and approve changes. This robust security reduces errors while increasing administrative efficiency and avoiding costly errors in payroll data.

*Applies to standard and advanced links. **Not all Payroll Connect links support the transfer of these fields.