Reward the right employees with Ascentis Compensation Planning software

Achieve a true pay-for-performance culture by using Ascentis Compensation Planning and Performance Management together. When allocating salary adjustments or bonuses in Ascentis Compensation Planning, your managers will see performance outcomes as key inputs. Managers can also model potential amounts for their teams and immediately see dynamically updated, inline analytics to identify outliers where performance and rewards are not aligned.

Reduce administrative overhead

The annual focal process for most organizations is often dreaded by participants and administrators. It requires an extensive series of manual steps – downloading data from the HRIS, breaking up the data into a spreadsheet for each manager, several email rounds to finalize amounts, and consolidating the data before uploading back to the HRIS. Our HRIS, Performance, and Compensation solutions work together to provide you with a single, end-to-end, highly automated solution.

Flexibility to meet your unique needs

Which employees are eligible for an adjustment and/or bonus in this cycle? If someone was hired halfway through the prior year, should the amount be prorated? How should each manager’s pool to spend on the team be calculated? In Ascentis Compensation Planning, you can answer these and other key questions to ensure the process fits your organization.

Real-time answers

As managers are modeling proposed salary changes for their teams, key analytic measures are visualized right on the same page for immediate feedback on budget impacts, team salary trends, and pay for performance considerations. Senior leaders have a snapshot for their organizations to clearly see roll-up counts, budget variances, and totals, with the ability to drill into the details. And as the process occurs, human resources has visibility across the entire organization to view and audit individual changes, team totals, and process bottlenecks.

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