Electronic communications to insurance carriers

Ascentis Carrier Connect automatically and securely transfers enrollment data in an electronic format to carriers, ensuring the accuracy of benefits data stored in carrier databases. Combined with Ascentis HR and Self-Service, Carrier Connect completely eliminates dual benefits data entry and offers a truly paperless open enrollment experience. Many benefits of electronic communications to carriers include:

  • The elimination of error-prone paperwork as physical enrollment forms are no longer necessary
  • A single point of data entry saves substantial administrative time and guarantees carrier billing accuracy
  • Enrollment periods can be reduced by up to 75% through online employee data collection (Ascentis Self-Service) and electronic data transmissions to carriers (Carrier Connect)
  • Any employee benefit edit (i.e., enrollment change, mid-year life event, address change) is transmitted automatically to the carrier
  • Data is delivered to carriers automatically, with no special upload or update actions from the HR administrator
  • All data history is tracked in Ascentis HR and available for reporting

With more than 70 national carriers, Ascentis offers the industry’s leading carrier communications service.

Ascentis Carrier Connect