Ascentis Self-Built-in benchmarking software keeps you competitive in attracting high performing talent

Do you know how your average salary increases stack up in your geographic region? Are you paying a higher or lower percent of medical insurance premiums compared to other companies of a similar size? Where does your retirement plan match rank in your industry?

For these potential differentiators in talent retention – and in recruiting efforts – visibility into how your business’ averages fit in your market segments is critical for hiring and employee engagement success. This knowledge is also an important consideration for strategic planning to gain an edge in a highly competitive job market.

Benchmarking data provides powerful insight

Ascentis Benchmarking software is a comparative analytics tool that enables executives and HR leadership to view current values for key metrics and assess how they measure up against standards for comparative markets.

Market segmentation by demographic

All participating clients are categorized into the following segments for specific comparison analysis:

  • Company size – By tier, based on number of active employees
  • Geography – Regions assigned based on company address
  • Industry – Vertical assigned based on line of business

These factors work in concert to create a benchmarking profile for participant clients and their comparisons. For example, a client in the northeast U.S. region can compare metrics against averages for other companies in that region. In addition, clients have the flexibility to compare themselves to any other markets of interest.

Dashboards for easy analytics

Ascentis Benchmarking provides a clean summary view for all delivered metrics in one place – a quick snapshot for each metric of measurement and whether that value is above or below the overall norm. From that top level visual, the user can select any individual metric (i.e., Average Salary Increase or Benefits Spend per Employee) to explore the rich data in more detail, to include year-over-year trending and filters to isolate specifics. All data in Ascentis Benchmarking are refreshed monthly and will automatically update all dashboard views.

Ascentis Benchmarking provides data that are analyzed in several ways:

  • Company profile for benchmarking – including assigned region, industry, and size, each of which can be overidden for modeling purposes.
  • A single intuitive chart comparing your values to the averages of each market in your profile
  • Year-over-year trending for measures supported by such historical data
  • Averages for all company sizes and geographies

Data may be filtered to further understand the benchmark. Users can select different time constraints (i.e., 3, 6, or twelve months) and all comparative charts will dynamically refresh to expose data that aligns with the filters.

Data privacy and security are ensured

All clients who volunteer their data to contribute to the pool for calculating averages qualify to access and enjoy Ascentis Benchmarking. The data are sourced anonymously so clients cannot isolate the data from any particular contributing