Deliver relevant feedback with Ascentis 360 Degree Assessment software

Ascentis 360 Degree Assessment allows organizations to deliver feedback with speed, ease, and accuracy. Now you can support and optimize team effectiveness with diverse and balanced information. 360 Degree Assessment software elevates high trust working relationships by gathering feedback from all directions. In addition, 360 degree assessments enable organizations to evolve managerial skills with the provided targeted development opportunities.

Configurable end-user experience

Ascentis 360 Degree Assessments are easily administered by session which allows for customized notifications and workflow options. Raters can be automatically assigned based on relationships to participants and maximum number of raters can also be set. Participants and/or managers can select internal and/or external raters to provide ratings and feedback all while maintaining anonymity.

Powerful assessment engine

The Ascentis Assessment engine is integrated into the 360 Degree Assessment sessions. It allows for various question types that can be categorized and randomized. Open-ended questions can also be created to allow for participants to enter additional comments and feedback. Competencies rated via the 360 degree session can also be integrated into performance evaluations.

Reliable reporting

Ascentis 360 Degree Assessment reporting provides comprehensive competency analysis and compares data by relationship type (Peers, Direct Reports, or External Customers). Powerful reports are created instantly, and identify hidden strengths and development areas effortlessly. Reports can be configured to be delivered on specific dates to the participants and/or managers.

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