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Sage Alerts and Workflow

(also known as KnowledgeSync)

When has this happened? . . . an employee recorded excessive overtime . . . . . . drug tests came back positive . . . . . . a manager promoted one of their staff . . .

Do you ever feel that your HR department is always playing catch-up? Trying to keep on top of what is happening, what is not happening, and – most importantly – what has to happen? Do you spend countless hours reviewing reports to find just a few pieces of critical HR information?

Let Alerts & Workflow for Sage do that for you.
Alerts and Workflow for Sage provides a way for your organization to automate business processes and ensure your organization does not overlook important business decisions. Alerts and Workflow can also combine data from multiple Sage applications, so you can:

  • Notify staff about critical business issues as they occur, rather than hours, days, or weeks later.
  • Identify trends or problems across your entire business.
  • Be alerted to changes and corrections.
  • Maintain an online history of triggered events, delivered alerts, and executed workflow.

Introducing your new, hardest working employee…

This employee can multi-task on a massive scale, never gets things wrong, completes activities on time, never gets sick, works 24 hours per day and never, ever takes a vacation. Is that even possible? Yes. Who is this and what employment agency do I call to get them on board you ask? Their names are Workflow Automation and Automated Alerts.
Sage Alerts and Workflow (also known as KnowledgeSync) is a powerful business activity monitoring system that works with many Sage applications, including Sage 100, Sage 500, Sage HRMS, SageCRM, and Infor CRM. It can help you find and identify the data you need to act on to streamline your processes, make important decisions more quickly, and make your system work harder for you.
More Than Just Reminders
  • Alerts & Workflow monitors your Sage applications for any business conditions that are critical to the success
  • BI-Strength Analysis
    Sometimes the most important business information isn’t what has happened, but what hasn’t happened.
  • Got Reports?
    Another area Alerts & Workflow can help with is the production and delivery of the analytical reports your
    organization relies on.
  • Easy to Implement; Easy to Use
    Alerts & Workflow downloads in less than 5 minutes and installs in less than 10.
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