Calculate the Total Cost of Doing Nothing versus Investing in a Modern System

Acumatica has developed a simple tool to help in developing the cost of both decisions.
We start by asking you 5 simple questions.


1. What core applications are you planning to implement? (We expect there will be several add-on applications specific to your business, but here we are interested in the base applications)

Select at least 1 option

2. Complexity of the implementation project will determine the amount of effort. What is the probable complexity of this project?

Select only 1 option

3. What level of implementation, training and on-going support do you expect to need from your implementation partner? (Remember, there are many technical and non-technical tasks that are required to be performed. Either your partner will need to be assigned these tasks or you must assign them to current or additional staff.)

Select only 1 option

4. Consultant's hourly fee

Consultant's hourly fee must be a minimum of $100 per hour

5. Full burden hourly rate of IT staff or contractors (includes wages, benefits, taxes, tools, and space) where average is $60 and minimum is $30 per hour

Minimum is $30 per hour

I am considering keeping my legacy ERP system What are my ongoing costs?

Summary of the cost of doing nothing


This graph shows how the costs compare:

  • In most cases the subscription price is more than purchasing the perpetual license outright
  • However, the annual software and on-going IT support is significantly higher

Cost of doing nothing (Graph)


Breakdown of cost over 5 years (Table)

Cost to maintain legacy
on-premises system
Cost to move to a modern
SaaS system

Important – This is an example snapshot of the cost comparisons. Our team will do a personal evaluation of the costs that are unique to you.