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(These Sage Extended Solutions are listed for reference only )

Sage has discontinued Extended Solutions, a selection of features and functions not found in the core Sage 100 modules. So the extended solutions on these pages may no longer be available. Nevertheless, Blytheco is committed to updating, improving and supporting many of these Extended Solutions. Extended Solutions have a new name: blyAPPS. If you are interested in any of the solutions shown on this page or have a general inquiry, please fill out our Enhancement Inquiry Form or call us directly at 949-583-9500 x2500.
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Item No. Title Module
SO-1514  BDI Laguna Sales Order Export  
Exports Sales Order invoice information that is intended to be imported into Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management system.
Sales Order 
SO-1516  BDI Laguna Sales Order Invoice Import  
Adds a Sales Order Invoice Import Utility to import additional data into existing S/O Invoices. The Custom Office module must be activated and Extended Solution SO-1100: Enhanced Batch Processing must be enabled in order for this to function.
Sales Order 
SO-1517  Sales Order Imports for MIVA  
Supports two separate data imports into Sales Order entry. The imported lines will be matched to S/O Misc. Charges and Misc. Items.
Sales Order 
SO-1521  Additional Fee for Delivery by Zone  
Will apply a zone specific increase to the Unit Prices of items on an order or invoice when a specified ‘Deliver’ UDF has been checked, a zone defined, and the item’s standard Unit of Measure matches a setup specified value. If the Item’s valuation is Standard, then the Unit Cost will also be increased by the same fee.
Sales Order 
SO-1522  Schedule Utility for SO-1099  
Will allow individuals to run the SO-1099: 'ON DEMAND' Sales Order Fill Report using a shortcut or Windows Task Scheduler. SO-1099, 'ON DEMAND' Sales Order Fill Report, must be installed and enabled. Additional functionality exists if SO-1514, BDI Laguna Sales Order Export is installed.
Sales Order 
SO-1523  Enhanced Auto Update for S/O Sales Journal  
Combines batches to be updated during the Automatic Update for Report Name: SOWJAA.
Sales Order 
SO-1524  Special Item Unit Cost as Percentage of Unit Price  
Calculates the unit cost on a special item (*) line as a vendor specified percentage of the unit price or of a specified S/O Detail UDF. Additionally, if calculating the cost from a UDF, it can calculate the unit price by applying a desired gross margin to that calculated unit cost.
Sales Order 
SO-1525  UDF Calculation for Component Price & Cost  
Will set values in Custom Office Invoice Line UDFs and SO-1014 UDFs for the actual Unit Cost used during update as well as calculate a Unit Price for component items as a percentage of the parent item
Sales Order 
SO-1527  Enhanced Credit Card Payment Type  
Modifies Sales Order Sales Journal update to post credit card payments to the Customer Deposit Account, instead of posting to the asset account specified in payment type maintenance.
Sales Order 
SO-1528  S/O Line Entry Smart Calculation: Full Carton Qty 
Modifies Sales Order entry by defaulting the Quantity Ordered of an Inventory Line to the result of a calculation using a ‘quantity requested’ and a divisor specified in a C/I Item Master UDF.
Sales Order 
SO-1529  Commission Reduced When Selling Below Std Price  
Modifies Sales Order Sales Journal pre-update of the commission calculation to reduce commission when an item is sold below standard pricing.
Sales Order 
SO-1534  Enhanced Sales Order Printing  
Adds additional selection criteria for Sales Order Printing: Ship Via and Ship Date Range
Sales Order 
SO-1535  Default Values For Numeric Order/Invoice Number  
Adds additional processing to Sales Order and S/O Invoice Entry when the document number is all numeric. • Allows you to specify separate default values for the Sales Order Header Warehouse and Sales Order Lines Warehouse. The Unit Price for an Inventory Item will default to its ‘Retail Price’ unless the customer has Last Purchase History for the Item, then that will be used.
Sales Order 
SO-1536  Segment Substitution by Header Warehouse  
Will look to the warehouse on the document header to obtain the correct substitution values when warehouse segment substitution applies to an Inventory item’s Sales Account and COGS Account on a sales order or sales order invoice.
Sales Order 
TB-1028  Time & Billing/Accounts Receivable Link  
Adds a link to the Accounts Receivable module. Each Client in Time and Billing will correspond to a Customer in Accounts Receivable and vice versa. All activity from Accounts Receivable that would normally be captured in the A/R Customer records will also be captured in the T/B Client records. Invoicing activity in Accounts Receivable will post directly to the Time and Billing module. A utility is available to pull updated Sales Order Invoices into Time and Billing.
Time and Billing 
TC-1005  Temporary Employee Billing  TimeCard 
TC-1006  Alternate Company Support For Job Cost  TimeCard 
TC-1010  Piecework For Payroll & TimeCard 
Adds the ability to have an employee’s wages calculated ‘by the piece’ while still continuing to track hours worked via two different calculation methods.
TC-1011  User Defined Fields For TimeCard 
Creates up to 30 User Defined Fields (UDFs) for TimeCard data entries. The fields may be defined as a String, Uppercase string, Date, Yes or No flag, Numeric (with a mask) or G/L Account Number. All of the UDFs can be validated during Maintenance by creating validation entries using the provided Validation Field Maintenance program. Additionally, this Extended Solution creates a new option for the TimeCard Report that will use field 1 as a sort and selection option
TC-1012  TimeCard Data Import From ASCII 
A utility designed to import data from a standard ASCII file, an SDF ‘Intranet’ type file, an ‘ERS’ Multi Record System type file, and a Candid Color Fixed File Format directly into the TimeCard data entry files. Additionally, an option has been provided to execute an operating system command before performing the actual import.
TC-1013  Alternate Overtime Calculation Methods  TimeCard 
TC-1016  Cost Code Rate Posting to Job Cost  TimeCard 
TC-1017  Incentive Pay  TimeCard 
TC-1019  Location Processing In TimeCard  TimeCard 
TC-1020  Employee Badge Printing  TimeCard 
TC-1026  Alternate Cost Type Support For Labor  TimeCard 
TC-1030  Average Rate Calculation Utility  TimeCard 
TC-1032  Alternate TimeCard Allocation to Job Cost  TimeCard 
TC-1033  Enhanced TimeCard Options 
Adds the following features: • The ability to enter Punch times in TimeCard Data Entry in a decimal format • The ability to edit Lunch Punch times during TimeCard Data Entry • The option to print Punch Times to the Attendance Worksheet • A Department of Labor (DOL) Report • A Missing Entries Report • A Job Number selection range to TimeCard Job Cost Selection and Payroll Selection of TimeCard Records • A ‘Summary of Field Hours Worked’ Report • An ‘Enter a Date Worked When Using Timecar
TC-1034  TimeCard Defaults  TimeCard 
TC-1035  TimeCard Integration with PR-1018 
Validates TimeCard entries against the Earnings Code/Department Code combination entered in PR-1018 Automatic Earnings Code Maintenance. Sage Extended Solution PR-1018: Automatic Earnings Code Maintenance by Employee must be installed and enabled for this Extended Solution to function.
TC-1036  TimeCard Integration with Unions  TimeCard 
TC-1037  TimeCard Integration with JC-1138-Sold with JC-1138 
Integrates the standard MAS 90•MAS 200 TimeCard module with JC-1138 WIP Account by Cost Code.
TC-1039  TimeCard Defaults by Labor Code 
Add new options to P/R Labor Code Maintenance: one allows the user to maintain a default Earnings Code for this Labor Code. the other whether a Job Number is required on an entry with this Labor Code.
TC-1041  Rapid Entry for TimeCard Data Entry 
Allows you to auto-default the Employee Number, Date, and Sequence Number in TimeCard Entry and Edit as well as bypass the Additional tab to allow for more rapid entry.
TC-1042  Equipment Postings Created From TimeCard Update 
During Job Cost Distribution Register Update. create a J/C Direct Cost Posting Entry for each TimeCard entry being posted if Equipment has been activated in Cost Code Maintenance and if a unit of measure has been selected.
TC-1043  TimeCard Splash Screen 
Adds a new splash screen that will appear after each punch in or out.
TC-1045  Employee Rate or Cost Code Rate By Cost Code 
Allows you to specify whether to use an Employee’s pay rate or the Cost Code rate for a TimeCard entry based on the Cost Code.
TR-1000  Truck Management - Windows  Truck Managment 
TR-1000  Truck Management [Vert. App.] 
complete tracking system designed to be compatible with the MAS 90 Accounts Payable and Payroll modules. This module tracks load tickets and trucks in order to calculate and maintain drivers’ commissions and the values of loads and hours for the trucks.
Truck Managment 
VI-1001  Enhanced VI Log, v4.05 
Creates a distinct text file for each Visual Integrator Import job and will record all errors associated with that import. This log will record the company code and date as well as the records in the job which failed and their failure message.
Visual Integrator 
WO-1000  Bar Code Import Into Work Order 
A utility designed to import data from a hand-held bar code scanner.
Work Order 
WO-1004  Operation Ticket Printing With Range of Work Order Numbers 
Allows a range of Work Order Numbers to be entered on the Operation Ticket Printing Selection screen.
Work Order 
WO-1015  Extended Decimal Precision In Work Order 
This part is included in the verticle application DP-1002 that consists of WO-1015 & WO-1016. It adds the ability to use up to six places of decimal precision for the Quantity Mask in Work Order.
Work Order 
WO-1016  Six Decimal Precision In Work Order 
This part is included in the verticle application DP-1002 that consists of WO-1015 & WO-1016. It adds the ability to use up to six places of decimal precision in Work Order.
Work Order 
WO-1017  Quantity Available Display In Work Order Entry 
Will display the Quantity Available for a component item from the Material Maintenance screen.
Work Order 
WO-1020  Automatic Creation Of Miscellaneous Labor Entries 
Creates a Miscellaneous Labor Transaction for each Work Order number appearing on a Release Transaction.
Work Order 
WO-1023  Quantity on WO Excluded from Quantity Available 
This Extended Solution to the standard MAS 90•MAS 200 Work Order, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Inventory Maintenance, and Bill of Materials modules will enable these modules to exclude the Quantity on the Work Order from the Quantity Available calculation
Work Order 
WO-1027  Lot Number To Default From UDF 
Will default Work Order UDF number 3 (field number 26) into the Lot Number field during Work Order Completion Data Entry.
Work Order 
WO-1028  Work Order Completion At Item's Standard Cost  Work Order 
WO-1030  Serial Number Assignment to use Component´s S/N 
Add an auto-commit function to W/O Transaction Completions to Sales Order.
Work Order 
WO-1031  Serial Number Update to S/O from Completions 
Adds an auto-commit function to W/O Transaction Completions to Sales Order.
Work Order 
WO-1032  Work Order Integration with 35 Option Categories 
Adds enhanced support for BM-1042, 35 Option Categories to all Work Order programs.
Work Order 
WO-1033  Work Order Determination Report 
Adds a new Work Order Determination Report.
Work Order 
WO-1035  W/O Number as Trans. Number for Material Issues  
Will substitute the Work Order Number in place of the Transaction Number associated with a Material Issue in the update to the Inventory Transaction Detail file.
Work Order 
WO-1036  Create Miscellaneous Material Transactions During Release 
Modifies Material Issues to copy the required materials from the materials tab of Work Order Entry.
Work Order 
WO-1037  Completed Item Serial Number to Default from UDF  
Will populate the serial number on a Work Order Transaction Entry Completion with the value from a Work Order Header UDF.
Work Order 
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