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(These Sage Extended Solutions are listed for reference only )

Sage has discontinued Extended Solutions, a selection of features and functions not found in the core Sage 100 modules. So the extended solutions on these pages may no longer be available. Nevertheless, Blytheco is committed to updating, improving and supporting many of these Extended Solutions. Extended Solutions have a new name: blyAPPS. If you are interested in any of the solutions shown on this page or have a general inquiry, please fill out our Enhancement Inquiry Form or call us directly at 949-583-9500 x2500.
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Item No. Title Module SQL
SO-1018  Promise Date by Line Item 
Under construction for 4.10.
Sales Order   
SO-1023  Item Sales History 
Allows you to view detailed Item Sales History by Customer/Item Number from Sales Order Entry, S/O Invoice Entry, A/R Customer Maintenance and Inquiry and Inventory Item Maintenance and Inquiry.
Sales Order   
SO-1029  Sales By Salesperson/Product Line Report 
Creates a report (see Specific Purpose Rule) detailing Sales information per period. The report may be sorted by Salesperson/Product Line or Salesperson/Customer Number/Product Line.
Sales Order   
SO-1032  Customer Deposits and Payment Types in Sales 
Allows pre-paid deposits or multiple payment types of deposits from A/R Cash Receipts to be applied to a customer’s Sales Orders. Additionally, terms codes may be assigned default values for Payment Type and Price Level. If Sage Software Extended Solution SO-1113: Enhanced S/O Header UDFs is installed and enabled, you will have access to the SO-1113 UDFs when creating new Sales Orders from A/R Cash Receipts Entry.
Sales Order  SQL  
SO-1033  Sales Order With Vendor Information 
Allows you to have either Purchase Address Information or Accounts Payable Information included in S/O and S/O Invoice entry. Optionally, you can elect to have A/P Invoices created during S/O entry. If the Purchase Address Information option is selected, then the A/P Purchase Address Maintenance entry of A/P Vendor Maintenance will be available to users who do not have the Purchase Order module installed.
Sales Order   
SO-1035  Enhanced Quick Print 
Sales Order Data Entry screens have been modified in the following ways: • ‘Quick Print’ will give you the option to print the Picking Sheet or the Sales Order • The option to print a shipping label is available after a single Picking Sheet is printed • The option to print a COD label is available after ‘Quick Printing’ an Invoice from S/O Invoice Data Entry Available in 4.10
Sales Order   
SO-1039  S/O Invoice Payment Terms  Sales Order   
SO-1041  Price Change Protection 
Allows you to require a password to enter a Unit Price of an Inventory Item that is at or below the Standard Cost or Retail Price (depending on Setup) for that item during Sales Order Line Item Entry and/or Sales Order Invoice Line Item Entry.
Sales Order   
SO-1044  Exclude Kit Components From Accounts Receivable History  Sales Order   
SO-1047  Commissions To Use Alternate Cost/Price 
Calculates commission amounts using an Alternate Cost/Price. The Alternate Cost/Price used may be the ‘Last Cost,’ ‘Loaded Cost’ (if you have IM-1166 installed and enabled), or ‘Standard Cost’ and/or the ‘Undiscounted Price’ (the item’s price exclusive of any entered line discount). The only commission amounts affected are those calculated for inventory items having a commission method which uses ‘Unit Cost’ or the extension as part of its commission calculation.
Sales Order   
SO-1050  S/O Weight and User Defined Category Item 
Adds a floating window to the Lines tab of Sales Orders and Sales Order Invoices. For Inventory Item lines, it displays Weight Each, Weight Extended (Quantity Ordered times Weight Each), Order Total Weight and a User Defined Inventory Category Code: Each, Extended Amount and Order Total.
Sales Order   
SO-1051  Salesperson Commission by Product line and Item Number 
Adds a new entry screen to A/R Salesperson Maintenance for entering Salesperson Commission by Product Line or Item Number. During the commission calculation in the Pre Sales Journal Update, Salesperson Commission by Item Number will take precedence over Salesperson Commission by Product Line and Salesperson Commission by Product Line will take precedence over standard MAS 90 MAS 200 Inventory Item commission calculation. If no Salesperson Commission by Product Line/Item Number records are found
Sales Order   
SO-1052  Automatic Addition of Charge Code 
allows for a Misc. Charge Code to be automatically added to Orders and/or Invoices when you exit the Line Item Entry Tab. This Misc. Charge could be: 1) A flat fee 2) With IM-1077: User Defined Fields for Inventory Masterfile installed and enabled, the result of a calculation of I/M item Quantities multiplied by a value in an IM-1077 UDF, then summed for the Order or Invoice. 3) The result of a calculation of IM1 ‘Retail Price’ multiplied by a percentage specified in Setup, and then multiplie
Sales Order   
SO-1053  Password Protect Order/Invoice Deletion and Credit Memos  Sales Order   
SO-1054  Sales Order/Invoice Line Item Sorting Options 
lines may be sorted by: • Item Number • Warehouse/Bin Location/Item Number • Item Category Code • Vendor Number • Item Description • Product Line/Item Number • Item Number/SO Detail UDF after exiting, under construction for 4.10.
Sales Order   
SO-1055  S/O Commissions by Line Item 
Allows commission rates to be overridden in Sales Order and S/O Invoice entry on a line item basis. Available in 4.10.
Sales Order  SQL  
SO-1056  Sales/Cost Of Goods Posted By Department 
Adds the new ‘Department Number’ field to the header section of Sales Order and Sales Order Invoice entry. The Department Number segment can be substituted in G/L Sales or COGS Account Numbers on Sales Orders or Invoices. Available in 4.10.
Sales Order   
SO-1057  Service Order For Sales Orders 
Adds new field to the header screen of Sales Order and Sales Order Invoice entry for a ‘Sub-Type.’ You can select ‘Standard’ or ‘Service’ to indicate that this Order/Invoice is for a service call.
Sales Order   
SO-1066  Sub-Totals/Running Totals On Sales Orders and Invoices 
Creates either Running Totals or Subtotals during Sales Order and Invoice Line Entry. A RUNNING TOTAL is defined as the total of all quantities or extended amounts from the top of the order/invoice up to the RUNTOT comment line. A SUBTOTAL is defined as all of the quantities and amounts between two SUBTOT comment lines. These totals can be any combination of the: Total Quantity Ordered, Total Quantity Shipped, Total Quantity Back Ordered or Total Order Extension. These totals will be display
Sales Order   
SO-1067  Ship To/Ship Via by Line Item 
Add new fields to Sales Order. S/O Invoice for Ship-To Code and Ship-Via Code for each line item. write Customer Number and Division Number to AR_AO for crystal reporting and populate existing records with the data fields for Customer Number and Division.
Sales Order   
SO-1068  Kit Explosion To Convert Components to Items 
Changes the way that Kit Items are processed. Additional functionality is available if you have Sage Software Extended Solution SO-1017: S/O Line Print Suppression, or SO-1119: General Ledger Account Number Override by Code installed and enabled. Under construction in 4.10.
Sales Order   
SO-1069  Customer Discount Rate by Line Item 
Adds a new field, Customer Discount Rate, to the Sales Order and Sales Order Invoice header screens. The value entered in this new field will be the default value in the Line Discount % field for the order. Available in 4.10.
Sales Order   
SO-1071  Picking Sheets with Lot/Serial Numbers  Sales Order   
SO-1073  Default Warehouse by Customer or by User ID 
Allows each User/Group and Customer to have a default warehouse. The default warehouse may be entered in Customer Masterfile Maintenance or in the Create/Maintain Customer option of Sales Order and Sales Order Invoice entry. The default warehouse will then be used on the Sales Order and Sales Order Invoice header screens.
Sales Order   
SO-1083  Incomplete Lot Allocation On Invoices  Sales Order   
SO-1086  Extended Solution Integration with TeleLink  Sales Order   
SO-1092  Bill Option Description and Price on Sales Order Forms 
Allows Bill of Material Kit or Standard Option descriptions, the corresponding prices, and the Extended Amounts to be printed on Sales Order and Sales Order Invoice forms. Additional functionality is available if you have Extended Solution BM-1042: 35 Options Categories installed and enabled.
Sales Order   
SO-1094  Variable Customer Deposit Account by Terms  Sales Order   
SO-1095  Sliding Scale Commissions By Item 
Allows commissions generated from Sales Order invoices to be calculated on a sliding scale based on either the gross profit percentage or the unit price of the individual Inventory line items. Additionally, you may calculate a line item’s commission amount by applying the commission rate arrived at by this Extended Solution to the line item extension rather than using the Inventory item’s standard commission method.
Sales Order   
SO-1096  Customer Purchase Order Number Validation in Sales Order 
Modifies the Standard Sales Order Option ‘Check for Duplicate Customer PO Numbers’ by • Allowing the user to prevent re-use of a Customer P/O Number • Telling the user on what document the duplication was detected • Always searching A/R Invoice History • Optionally searching S/O Invoice Entry Available in 4.10.
Sales Order   
SO-1097  Terms Code By Line Item In Sales Order 
Adds a new A/R Terms Code field for each line item (except comment lines) on Sales Orders and Sales Order Invoices. Additionally, if the Inventory Maintenance module is installed, you may specify an Inventory Item user defined category to use as the default Terms Code for Inventory line items.
Sales Order   
SO-1099  'ON DEMAND' Sales Order Fill Report 
Creates a report that allows you to detect which Sales Orders can be filled ‘On Demand,’ automatically select Picking Sheets for printing, calculate and auto-select the number of Shipping Labels needed for each order, create a Master Picking Ticket Report that summarizes the Item Numbers, Descriptions and Total Quantity for all selected orders and generate a ‘batch’ of Sales Order Invoices from the selected Sales Orders. Under construction for 4.10.
Sales Order   
SO-1100  Enhanced Batch Processing 
Allows you to move invoices from one batch into another via any of the following options: Available in 4.10. Invoices may be selected individually An entire batch (or batches) may be merged into another batch Only Invoices noted as Complete will be moved en masse into another batch
Sales Order   
SO-1101  Price/Cost Maintenance From Sales Order  Sales Order   
SO-1119  General Ledger Account Number Override by Code 
Allows you to maintain a list of Override Codes which can be applied at a document level or a line level to change the Cost of Goods Sold and Sales Accounts. This Extended Solution requires Custom Office to be installed. Availabe in 4.10.
Sales Order   
SO-1121  Multiple Sales Orders On Single Invoice 
Enables one Sales Order Invoice to be created containing line items from multiple Sales Orders for the same customer.
Sales Order   
SO-1172  Component Items Not Resorted During Sales Order Entry  Sales Order   
SO-1173  Item Pricing By Total Quantity 
Allows the price of Inventory Items entered on a Sales Order to be recalculated using one of the following methods: •Total Quantity of all items in a Product Line (Option 1) •Total Quantity of all items on the Sales Order (Option 2) •Sum of the Quantity Ordered (Option 3) •Total Quantity of all items that reference the same IM-1077 UDF (Option 4) •Total Quantity of all items in a Category Code (Option 5) Availabe in 4.10.
Sales Order   
SO-1175  Lot/Serial Distribution Entry from Sales Order 
Provides the ability to distribute Lot Numbers and Serial Numbers during Sales Order Entry. Under construction for 4.10. This Extended Solution is integrated with the Bar Code module’s S/O Invoice Import.
Sales Order  SQL  
SO-1179  Standard Order From Master Order 
Allows the user to set the quantity to zero while creating Standard Orders from Master Orders. • Modifies the prompt line while on the ‘Quantity Ordered’ field to display: the Master Order’s ‘Original’ quantity and ‘Balance’ quantity, this standard Sales Order’s ‘Quantity Ordered’ and the ‘Qty Available’ for the warehouse referenced. • Has an option to delete item lines from Standard and Back Order type Sales Orders if the ‘Quantity Ordered’ and ‘Quantity Back Ordered’ fields equal zero, and
Sales Order   
SO-1180  Picking Sheet Printing For Orders Being Invoiced  Sales Order   
SO-1182  Cost Override For Lot/Serials Numbers from Credit Memos  Sales Order   
SO-1183  Drop Ship Warehouse For Sales Order and Purchase Order 
Provides for an alternate method of Drop Shipping Inventory Items, which will record accounting events in the Inventory module.
Sales Order   
SO-1184  EDI Advantage Integration 
Adds support for the EDI Advantage Sales Partner enhancement from Kissinger Associates.
Sales Order   
SO-1198  Picking Sheet Printing to Multiple Warehouse Printers 
Adds the ability to print Picking Sheets to printers designated by warehouse. Available in 4.10.
Sales Order   
SO-1207  Component Editing before Kit Explosion  Sales Order   
SO-1217  Commission Tables by Discount Rate 
Adds the ability to set up and maintain a commission table that reflects discounts from an Item’s Standard Price by Customer, Item or Product Line along with the corresponding commission rate. In Sales Order entry and S/O Invoice entry, the commission rate is then applied as a line Item commission rate via Sage Extended Solution SO-1055: Commissions by Line Item.
Sales Order   
SO-1224  Enhanced Customer Memo Handling in Sales Order 
Adds the ability to merge memo text into the starting lines of a Sales Order. Additionally, Customer Memo Maintenance has been modified to allow the entry of comment codes in braces { }. They will be replaced by the comment text when you exit the memo. Available in 4.10.
Sales Order   
SO-1226  Item Memo Pop-Up 
Pops up a window of all memos for the Inventory Item as you exit the Inventory Item Number field during Sales Order and Invoice Data Entry. You may only view the memos.
Sales Order   
SO-1232  Price Refresh Utility 
 Adds a utility for refreshing pricing information on all types of Sales Orders.
Sales Order  SQL  
SO-1241  Invoices With Multiple Due Dates 
Allows up to five due dates to be assigned to designated terms codes during S/O Invoice Entry. A percentage of the invoice amount can be designated due for each of the due dates. The program defaults the Due Dates and Percentages for each of the five possible entries from the Terms Code Masterfile. During the aging process, one invoice balance could fall in up to five different aging categories, depending on the number of tiers used and the age of the invoice. A/R Finance Charge calculation h
Sales Order   
SO-1242  Sales Journal Update To Create Inventory Transfers 
Adds the ability to create Inventory Transfers for S/O Invoices that either reference particular A/R Divisions or contain Customers who have been selected for this processing via a Custom Office UDF.
Sales Order   
SO-1250  Automatic Next Order/Invoice Number by Division 
Allows you to specify the ‘Next’ Sales Order and Invoice Number by Division. Available in 4.10.
Sales Order   
SO-1259  Lost Opportunity Tracking 
Tracks ‘Lost Sales’ due to insufficient Quantity Available.
Sales Order   
SO-1261  10,000 Comment Codes  Sales Order   
SO-1262  Minimum Gross Profit Requirement for Commissions  Sales Order   
SO-1269  Back Orders Allowed By Customer 
Adds the ability to specify on a Customer level whether or not backorders are allowed. Sage Software Extended Solution AR-1080: User Defined Fields for A/R Customer Masterfile must be installed and enabled in order for this Extended Solution to function.
Sales Order   
SO-1270  Automatic Lot Distribution  Sales Order   
SO-1271  Authorized Purchase Control by Customer 
This Extended Solution to the 200 Sales Order module • prevents specified customers from purchasing individual items and/or purchasing from specific product lines. OR • allows only specified customers to purchase certain items and/or from specific product lines.
Sales Order   
SO-1273  Remote Site Sales Order Processing  Sales Order   
SO-1274  Master Orders To Impact On Sales Order 
Causes Master Order Balance Quantities to appear in the I/M Warehouse Quantity On S/O Bucket. The I/M Open Sales Order Inquiry has been changed to display Master Orders.
Sales Order   
SO-1281  Invoice Discount Allocated To Line Sales Account  
Posts the Sales Order Discount Amount to the line referenced Sales Account.
Sales Order   
SO-1284  Print Control For On Hold Customers  Sales Order   
SO-1285  Minimum Amount to Access Freight Charge  Sales Order   
SO-1288  Enhanced Auto Generate Invoice Function 
Adds the following possible functionality to Auto Invoice Generation: • ability to automatically assign the Sales Order Number as the Invoice Number • select by Terms Code • select by a range Sales Order Line Promise Dates • select by a range of Warehouses • select either Standard Orders or Back Orders • recalculate freight • list the sales orders to be selected as opposed to a range
Sales Order   
SO-1295  Other Orders Warning Message  Sales Order   
SO-1296  Shipping Rates By Warehouse  Sales Order   
SO-1300  Sales Order Printing By Division  Sales Order   
SO-1307  Direct Ship Orders Print Bill-To Address  Sales Order   
SO-1311  Enhanced Sales Journal Update Cost Determination  Sales Order   
SO-1312  Multiple Tier Line Discount Calculation  Sales Order   
SO-1315  Zone Delivery Charges  Sales Order   
SO-1316  Sales Order Default Control 
Adds the ability to modify a variety of Sales Order Defaults. Please see the Setup section for a listing of this Extended Solution’s capabilities.
Sales Order   
SO-1318  Single Screen Invoice Data Entry  Sales Order   
SO-1319  Smart Processing On Sales Order Line UDFs 
Adds specific ‘smart’ calculations to the UDFs of SO-1014. See the Operation section below for specific information regarding these calculations. Sage Software Extended Solution SO-1014: Sales Order Line User Defined Fields must be installed and enabled in order for this Extended Solution to function.
Sales Order   
SO-1320  Enhanced Freight Calculation  Sales Order   
SO-1321  Customer Retail Pricing in Sales Order  Sales Order   
SO-1323  Expired Sales Order Purge Utility  Sales Order   
SO-1324  Discount from Order Total Within Product Line  Sales Order   
SO-1326  Salesperson Account Substitution  Sales Order   
SO-1327  Sales Order Invoice Export Utility  Sales Order   
SO-1328  Hold Flags For Sales Orders 
Adds the ability to place orders on specific types of ‘hold’: Terms Hold, Credit Hold and Margin Hold.
Sales Order   
SO-1330  Associated Costs For Sales Orders  Sales Order   
SO-1331  Internal Comments in Sales Orders  Sales Order   
SO-1333  Line Item Discount Validation by product Line  Sales Order   
SO-1336  Smart Processing For Header User Defined Fields  Sales Order   
SO-1338  Non Promotional Price Preservation  Sales Order   
SO-1340  Commission Rate By Customer/Salesperson  Sales Order   
SO-1343  Master Order Status Report  Sales Order   
SO-1347  Sales Order Totals Recalculation  Sales Order   
SO-1349  Back Order Utility for Sales Order  Sales Order   
SO-1350  Back Orders Appended to Standard Orders  Sales Order   
SO-1351  Lot/SN Cost Field in Credit Memos  Sales Order   
SO-1354  Commission Rate Table by Salesperson/Customer/Item # 
Add a new Commission Rate Maintenance Program to Sales Order Setup which allows the user to specify Commission Rate by Salesperson/Customer/Item Number.
Sales Order   
SO-1355  Quantity Checking for Auto Generation  Sales Order   
SO-1356  UOM Lookup to Display Only I/M Masterfile UOMs  Sales Order   
SO-1358  Crystal File to Combine Component/Item Quantities  Sales Order   
SO-1359  Modified Pricing & Posting for Sales Order  Sales Order   
SO-1360  Marketing Credit Processing for Sales Order  Sales Order   
SO-1361  Customer Price Record Maintenance in Repeating Orders  Sales Order   
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