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(These Sage Extended Solutions are listed for reference only )

Sage has discontinued Extended Solutions, a selection of features and functions not found in the core Sage 100 modules. So the extended solutions on these pages may no longer be available. Nevertheless, Blytheco is committed to updating, improving and supporting many of these Extended Solutions. Extended Solutions have a new name: blyAPPS. If you are interested in any of the solutions shown on this page or have a general inquiry, please fill out our Enhancement Inquiry Form or call us directly at 949-583-9500 x2500.
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Item No. Title Module
PO-1140  Incrementing Vendor UDF in P/O Data Entry  Purchase Order 
PO-1141  Line Number Write To PO-1050 UDF 
Writes the line number to one PO-1050 UDF when you exit the line entry screen during Purchase Order Entry. Sage Extended Solution PO-1050: User Defined Line Fields for Purchase Order must be installed and enabled for this Extended Solution to function.
Purchase Order 
PO-1142  Protect ‘Clear’ Option on Receipt History Report  Purchase Order 
PO-1144  Segment Substitution for Freight. COGS Accounts  Purchase Order 
PO-1145  Primary Vendor Designation During Item Entry  Purchase Order 
PO-1146  Enhanced P/O Vendor Price Level  Purchase Order 
PO-1148  Enhanced Misc Charge & Special Item Receipt Update 
Allows you to post Item type Misc. Charge Codes and Special (*) Items on Purchase Orders to Work Order from Receipt of Goods (ROG).
Purchase Order 
PO-1149  Sales Order Creation from Purchase Order Entry 
Purchase Order 
PO-1150  P/O Deletion Utility 
Create a utility that deletes Purchases Orders for Closed or Complete Job Numbers.
Purchase Order 
PO-1151  Alternate Unit Cost Default in P/O Entry 
Add the ability to calculate Unit Cost during Purchase Order Line Entry for Inventory Items as the product of the Item’s Retail Price and a P/O Line UDF that holds a multiplier.
Purchase Order 
PO-1153  Vendor Rebates as Negative Landed Costs 
Automatically calculate Landed Cost based on vendor rebate percentages stored in Custom Office Vendor UDFs.
Purchase Order 
PO-1155  Enhanced Automatic Reorder Selection 
Provides an option to not lock the PO1 file during Automatic Reorder Selection thereby allowing other users to be in PO Data Entry while reorder selection is taking place.
Purchase Order 
PO-1156  P/O Line Custom Office UDF Import 
Adds a P/O Line UDF Import option to the Purchase Order Setup menu.
Purchase Order 
PO-1157  PO Receipt Update to IM With Jobs on the Line 
During PO Receipt of Goods Update, when a job number is referenced on a line, posting to Inventory Costing and Transaction files will occur.
Purchase Order 
PO-1158  Square Foot Calculation with Custom Office UDFs 
Creates a Square Foot calculation in Sales Order Entry and in Purchase Order Entry using Custom Office UDFs.
Purchase Order 
PO-1159  Drop Ship Orders From Master Orders 
Allows you to create a Drop Ship Purchase Order from a Master Purchase Order and to pull over only the Ship To information from the Sales Order.
Purchase Order 
PO-1160  UDF Calculation to Return Qty Received 
Allows you to specify three Custom Office P/O Receipt Line UDFs to be used in calculating Quantity Received.
Purchase Order 
PO-1161  Purchase Order Creation on the Fly from ROG Entry 
Creates a Purchase Order on the fly in Receipt Of Goods Entry via a new `#` button next to the P/O Number field. In addition, this solution adds the Totals tab field `Prepayment` to the ROG Lines tab.
Purchase Order 
PO-1162  Quick Print a `Receiver` from Receipt of Goods 
Allows you to print a `Receiver` from Receipt Of Goods. A `Quick Print` button, only available when there is a Purchase Order Number on the receipt, has been added to Receipt Of Goods.
Purchase Order 
PO-1163  Lot Receipt Entry for Slab Processing 
Modifies Lot Distribution Entry in P/O Receipts with a new `Auto Create` button that allows you to create as many Lot Numbers for a Distribution as a specified `Number of Slabs.`
Purchase Order 
PO-1164  Enhanced Auto Generate Orders Selection 
Removes the restriction that the Inventory Management module must be installed to use Auto Generate Orders. In addition, this Extended Solution allows Inventory Item lines to use a different Vendor Number.
Purchase Order 
PO-1165  Paperless Office: Purchase Orders 
Prints Purchase Orders, both graphical and non graphical forms, as PDF documents.
Purchase Order 
PO-1167  Purchase Order Printing By User ID  
Adds USER ID as a selection criteria to graphical Purchase Order printing to facilitate a User printing his own Purchase Orders.
Purchase Order 
PO-1169  Enhanced COGS Account in Receipt of Invoice 
Modifies Receipt of Invoice for Drop Ship type Purchase Orders to use the G/L Account Number stored with the line on the Purchase Order as the COGS account during update.
Purchase Order 
PO-1183  P/O Cancel Utility   Purchase Order 
PO-1184  Kit Explosion in P/O ROG  
Will explode I/M Sales Kits during Receipt of Goods.
Purchase Order 
PO-1186  Calculated Lot Qty during PO Receipt of Goods  
Calculates the Lot Qty Received by multiplying two specified IM-1191 User Defined Fields then dividing them by a Setup specified value.
Purchase Order 
PR-1003  Extended Decimal Precision  Payroll 
PR-1006  Washington State Unemployment Report  Payroll 
PR-1010  Custom Payroll Check Printing  Payroll 
PR-1013  Automatic Wage Reductions For Vacation and Sick Leave  Payroll 
PR-1015  Deduction Calculation Based On Earnings Type 
Provides the ability for deduction codes with a calculation method of ‘Percent of Gross’ or ‘Total Hours Worked’ to calculate based on a specified list of earnings types or user defined earnings types.
PR-1017  Direct Deposit Interface 
Allows for the direct deposit entries that standard MAS 90 MAS 200 generates to be processed, formatted, and placed in files suitable for transmission to your financial institution. The files that are generated meet all NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association) standards. This file can be transferred directly to the bank via modem or can be supplied to the bank on a floppy disk. A pre-notification file can also be generated for submission to your financial institution for approval.
PR-1018  Automatic Earnings Code Maintenance by Employee 
The concept of ‘Automatic Earnings Codes’ (similar to Voluntary Deductions) has been added to Payroll. With this Extended Solution, a nearly unlimited number of earnings codes and the corresponding earning type (fixed or % of pay) can be set up and maintained for each employee. During payroll data entry or auto pay operations, this table of automatic earnings codes is drawn upon and the appropriate line items are added to the check.
PR-1019  Location Processing 
Adds the ability to assign an employee a 2-character ‘Location’ code as an additional method of categorization. Wage, tax expense and tax liabilities can be posted to different General Ledger account numbers based on this location code.
PR-1021  Cash Account Posting by Department  Payroll 
PR-1022  Wage Expense Posting By Labor Code  
Allows you to post Wage Expense by Labor Code. A new field has been added to the Labor Code Maintenance screen for a ‘Wage Expense Account.’ During the Check Register Update process, if a Payroll Earnings line references a Labor Code and that Labor Code has a Wage Expense Account or a segment substitution value specified, then that G/L account will be used for posting.
PR-1023  Deductions With Monthly Maximums and Minimums  Payroll 
PR-1024  User Defined Payroll Cycle  Payroll 
PR-1025  Tip Differential Calculation  Payroll 
PR-1027  Pension Plan Export File  Payroll 
PR-1028  Employer Contributions By Department and Voucher Printing 
Has the following options: • Allows the expense portion of Employer Contributions to be posted by department to a specific general ledger account number. • Allows the user to substitute a segment into the Employer Contribution Deduction Code’s general ledger account number by department. • All employer contributions may be printed on an employee's check in the Deduction column. The contribution amount will not be added into the ‘Total’ deduction amounts.
PR-1029  Check Printing With Earnings Detail  Payroll 
PR-1030  Employer Taxes (Actual) Posted to job Cost 
Allows the Employer portion of Payroll taxes (including FICA, Unemployment, Medicare and Workman’s Compensation) to be posted to the Job Cost module. The Job Labor Distribution Report has been enhanced to report the tax amounts. Taxes are summarized by Job Number/Cost Code/Employee Number/Earnings Code. A Setup option is available to post the taxes to the G/L Accounts set up in Job Cost. Refer to the Operations section of this manual for explanations of the tax calculation methods.
PR-1031  Payroll Data Entry Import Utility 
Adds a utility designed to import data into the Data Entry cycle of MAS 90 MAS 200 Payroll from a variety of ASCII file formats.
PR-1032  Burden Posting With Employee Detail  Payroll 
PR-1034  MICR Laser Printed Checks for Payroll 
Print checks (including manual checks) on your laser printer with the micro-encoding required by your bank.
PR-1037  Consolidated Posting To Job Cost 
Allows Wage Expense postings to the Daily Job Transaction Register to be consolidated by Job Number/Cost Code/Employee Number or by Job Number/Cost Code.
PR-1040  User Defined Earnings And Deduction Types  Payroll 
PR-1042  Prevailing Wage Rate by Labor Code 
Adds the ability to set up and maintain Prevailing Wage Rates for specific Labor Codes and Job Numbers. The new Wage Rates will be used during TimeCard and Payroll Data Entry.
PR-1044  Career To Date Hours Worked  Payroll 
PR-1045  Reactivate Terminated Employee  Payroll 
PR-1051  Employee/Department Allocation 
Adds the ability to allocate an employee’s earnings over different departments. The allocation may be by employee, department or both. When calculating taxes, the employee’s posted department will be scanned for allocations to other departments then allocated as required. Allocations by employee occur before allocations by department. A new Payroll Distribution Report has been added to the Payroll Reports menu.
PR-1053  List To Include Only Valid Cost Codes  Payroll 
PR-1054  Payroll For Saipan 
Adds new tax calculation, a new tax table for Saipan (see Specific Purpose Rule) and changes to the names ‘Federal’ and ‘State’ on several reports and check stubs to reflect Chapter 7 and Chapter 2 taxes. Form fields for Chapter 7 and Chapter 2 have been added to the Quarterly Governmental Report and the W2 form.
PR-1055  Deduction Calculation For Pension Plans  Payroll 
PR-1057  Wage Expense Account Override  Payroll 
PR-1059  Tax Accrual Account Posting by Department  Payroll 
PR-1062  Employee User Defined Fields 
Adds up to 30 new User Definable Fields (UDFs) that can be entered and displayed in Payroll Employee Maintenance Address and Constant Data screen. The UDFs can also be printed on the Quarterly Government Report and the Payroll Check Form. One UDF can be used as a sort option in Payroll Check Printing.
PR-1063  401(k) Export Utility  Payroll 
PR-1064  Tax And Deduction Liability Check Generation 
Automatically creates Accounts Payable invoices in the amount of Payroll Employer Tax checks and ‘Other’ Deductions.
PR-1067  Additional Deduction Calculation Methods 
Adds several new deduction calculation methods: the ‘Percentage of Deduction’ method (which calculates the deduction amount as a percentage of another deduction for Employer Contribution Types only), the ‘Based on Regular and Overtime Hours’ method, the ‘Based on Paid Hours’ method (see below for a definition of ‘paid’ hours), the ‘Percentage of Total Hours’ method, and the ‘Based on Pay Rate’ method.
PR-1068  Additional Check Printing Sort Options 
Adds the ability to print Payroll checks and direct deposit stubs in Employee Sort Field or Department/Employee Name order.
PR-1071  EEO/Union Payroll Reports  Payroll 
PR-1072  Enhanced W-2 Form Printing  Payroll 
PR-1074  Enhanced Perpetual Payroll History 
Create and updates four data files that contain Perpetual Tax History by Check Date. and Perpetual UDF Data. A Payroll Analysis by Earnings Type Report may also be printed using data from the Payroll Check History Detail by Employee/Check Number file.
PR-1079  Automatic Adjustment Of Negative Checks  Payroll 
PR-1083  Companion Earnings Codes  Payroll 
PR-1084  Check Reprinting  Payroll 
PR-1090  Multiple Concurrent Local Taxes 
Allows you to keep track of concurrent multiple local income taxes for a given employee.
PR-1091  Enhanced Benefit Accrual 
Adds a ‘Minimum Hours Required for Benefit Accrual’ to Benefit Schedule Maintenance for each Schedule Code/Benefit Type. The ‘Fixed With Table’ calculation method has been added to the Benefit Schedule Maintenance for Vacation only. A utility to process Vacation Hours based on employee anniversary dates has also been added.
PR-1092  Enhanced Periodic Benefit Accrual Utility  Payroll 
PR-1094  Exclude Employees From Unemployment Accrual  Payroll 
PR-1098  Union Payroll 
Adds a ‘Minimum Hours Required for Benefit Accrual’ to Benefit Schedule Maintenance for each Schedule Code/Benefit Type. The ‘Fixed With Table’ calculation method has been added to the Benefit Schedule Maintenance for Vacation only. A utility to process Vacation Hours based on employee anniversary dates has also been added.
PR-1099  Reciprocal Taxation 
This Extended Solution to the Payroll module requires PR-1090: Multiple Concurrent Local Taxes. If JC-1131: User Defined Fields for Job Masterfile & Estimates is installed and enabled, then Work State and Work Local may be defaulted from the Job.
PR-1100  Enhanced Workers' Comp Processing  Payroll 
PR-1101  Pre Note Not Required When Employee Number Changes  Payroll 
PR-1102  Accrual Yearly Limit Set by Months of Employment  Payroll 
PR-1105  Deduction Taxability By Local 
Adds a new option from Deduction Maintenance Taxes screen for ‘Local Code,’ to allow for the reduction of taxable income by the amount of the deduction by individual locality.
PR-1106  Date Worked By Earnings Line  Payroll 
PR-1108  Half Time Due  Payroll 
PR-1111  Alternate Display of Employee  Payroll 
PR-1112  Enhanced Quarterly Governmental Report 
PR-1113  Enhanced Direct Deposit Stubs for Non-Deposit Employees 
Allows you to print Direct Deposit stubs for employees who are not Direct Deposit enabled. It also adds the option for multiple-column Tax/Ded printing, and a new ‘Earnings Code YTD Hours’ form field to Direct Deposit Stub Printing.
PR-1114  Deduction Code Association with Labor Codes  Payroll 
PR-1116  Deduction Recalculation in Payroll Entry 
Add a ‘Recalc’ button to Payroll lines. allowing you to reset deduction amounts based on changes made to the pay entry.
PR-1117  Weighted Average Calculation for Overtime Hours 
Calculates Overtime during Payroll Entry based on a weighted average of an Employee’s total earnings per pay entry, which is then applied to those hours that are in excess of their Pay Cycle.
PR-1118  Multiple Company Combined Direct Deposit File 
Adds a Combined Direct Deposit File Generation utility to the Direct Deposit menu.
PR-1120  Paperless Office: Direct Deposit Stubs 
Allows you to PDF Direct Deposit stubs for the purpose of emailing them to employees.
PR-1121  Certified Payroll Report 
Creates a Certified Payroll Report that does not require the TimeCard module and optionally does not require the Job Cost module in order to print.
PR-1127  Employee Self Service 
Allows employees access to view their personal information and can optionally allow employees to change some fields.
RA-1001  Enhanced RMA Entry, v3.71 
Modifies RMA Entry and Receipts Entry to allow any of the following: • The Vendor Action and Vendor Number fields will be available for a Special or Miscellaneous Item. • The Vendor Action and Vendor Number fields will be available if the line is marked as a Drop Ship. • The Salesperson field will be available for entry.
Return Merchandise Authorization 
SO-1003  Automatic Next Customer Number 
Adds the ability to maintain a separate Next Customer Number series for the Automatic Next Customer Number for Sales Order Entry, Sales Order Invoice Entry, RMA Entry and RMA Receipt Entry. You can also setup an exclusive Division Number, which works with either this series or the standard series of next customer numbers. Available in 4.10.
Sales Order 
SO-1004  First & Last Name Maintenance on-the-Fly  Sales Order 
SO-1005  Price Level By Customer and Product Line 
Allows pricing of Inventory items based upon a customer price level that can be set for each Product Line, Product Line/Price Code, or a Product Line/Ship-To Code combination. (If purchasing at version 4.05 or lower, will require AR-1127 as well, which ships at no charge.) Available in 4.10.
Sales Order 
SO-1007  Sales Order  
Allows the user to change the Sales Order type from Standard to Backorder, thus allowing the Sales Order to process data to the Sales Order Back Order Report and the Purchase Order Back Order Fill Report. This change of order type may take place only when all items entered on the Sales Order have been backordered.
Sales Order 
SO-1008  Purchase Order Number Required  Sales Order 
SO-1010  Sales Order Data Entry Tracking By User ID 
Adds a pop up window to Sales Order Data Entry and Sales Order Quote History Inquiry that contains the names of the users who created or last modified the sales order, or converted a quote to a standard order as well as the date and time of each action. From Sales Order Quote History Inquiry a fourth line is displayed showing the name of the user who deleted the Sales Order and the date and time it was deleted. These fields are ‘display only’ and cannot be accessed by the user.
Sales Order 
SO-1011  Three Tier Discount on Sales Order  Sales Order 
SO-1017  S/O Line Print Suppression 
Under Construction for 4.10.
Sales Order 
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