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QuickBooks vs. NetSuite: Which Software is Best for Your Company?

NetSuite and QuickBooks are both highly popular with their user, but which one is right for your business? Has your business outgrown QuickBooks and now you need something more sophisticated, or can you stick with it?

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Wholesale Distribution 2017: What Strategies and Technologies Do You Need for Success?

A soft economy and sagging sales have dulled distributors' and manufacturers' hopes for 2016, but what about 2017? What can you do now to insure 2017 revenue - and your profitability - are maximized? Join us for a complimentary webinar to hear experts discuss the strategies and technologies that will help distributors improve their results, even in the face of a softening market.

Recorded Webinar

Integrating Ecommerce & ERP - Myths, Legends and the Truth

We have invited three of the top ERP integrated Ecommerce Solutions to panel one, no-script, discussion. Our panelists will be openly discussing the myths, legends and the truth about Ecommerce websites as well as integrating ERP solutions to them. Join Blytheco along with our panelists, Victoria Griffis from Web-Stor by Kissinger, Bachir Kassir from WebJaguar, and Don Martin from ...

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Healthcare Supply Chain Management: Syncing Provider and Supplier for Improved Results

Medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing is increasingly challenging, with quality and compliance issues increasing, regulatory scrutiny stricter than ever, and products more complex. Adding to the challenge, the healthcare supply chain remains fragmented and deficient, with weaknesses that put patients at risk and cost billions. How can the healthcare supply chain be

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What's New in Business Software: How to Improve Profitability & Productivity

How do you know which software solutions will: - Improve profitability and productivity for your business? - Increase sales and improve customer relationships? - Provide real-time visibility into the key performance indicators you need? - Integrate together to provide a solution that is more than a sum of the parts?

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5 Ways to Leverage Real-Time Consumer Insights

Understanding your consumer is crucial to your brand and business. Thankfully, new technologies can capture real-time data on consumer behaviors. But capturing data is one thing--leveraging that data for maximum value is another. Presented in partnership with GCI Magazine.

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How to Define Scope for Your Software Project

Free Webinar: Define Project Scope for Successful Business Management Software Implementation

Defining the scope of your software project prevents the dreaded 'scope creep' that leads to software that cannot possibly be implemented on time or on budget. Make sure that you clearly define the scope of your software project so that this doesn't happen to you. Make your life easier-join us for this informative webinar and find out how to set your project up for success.

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Build an Effective Business Case for a Software System Change

Free Webinar: Build an Effective Business Case for Replacing Your Business Management Software

You know your company needs new business management software, but you have to make the case to management. How do you build an effective business case for the investment? Learn how to identify your company's top requirements and translate them into an action plan for moving forward, and get tools, checklists, plans, and other resources to support your learnings.

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NetSuite vs. Sage: Which Software is the Best for Your Company

See Which Software Solution Would Best Meet Your Company's Needs

Find out how two of the leading ERP vendors’ products compare in the key areas that matter to you in this complimentary webinar. Especially now that Sage has announced new products including X3 Cloud and Sage Live, it’s important to compare each solution to see which option is best for your organization.

Recorded Webinar

The Paperless Office & Document Management: Myths, Legends and the Truth

Cut through the mystery and the hype. Learn what is real!

In this rare event, we invited speakers from the top 3 industry solutions to help shed light on the Myths, Legends and the truth about the term Paperless Office; what it is and is NOT! Panelists from ACOM Solutions, Altec, and Paramount Technologies teamed up to answer questions and discuss best practices on leveraging Document Management solutions to eliminate paper, increase ...

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