Does my CRM have the ability to integrate with a Marketing Automation solution?

Enhance your CRM solution with an integrated Marketing Automation system. When properly integrated, you have a very powerful tool that can be leveraged to deliver valuable insight into your prospects and customers. Put an integrated Marketing Automation plan in place to build the high performance marketing function your team needs to compete in this digital age.

Marketing Automation

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What is going to assist in generating and tracking leads better?

Your CRM solution will give you the ability to automate lead handling so your leads get immediate follow-up. Easily transfer qualified leads into opportunities for the Sales team. Track their progress and closed-lost conversion rates. Reporting based on Sales data gives you the insight on what marketing initiatives derived the best leads.

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Can I get the information I need to show marketing ROI and analytics?

A CRM solution gives you the ability to tie sales to leads. You can track marketing campaign performance and measure cost-per-lead, allowing you to easily report on Marketing ROI. CRM provides accurate metrics on all of your marketing activities, giving you insight on what you should be spending your marketing dollars on.

Using CRM to Evaluate Campaign Success

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What CRM products are offered?

Blytheco offers industry leading CRM Solutions, all that have built-in marketing functions and have the outstanding ability to integrate with Marketing Automation solutions.

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Marketing Automation

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