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 For Business Success, Mind Your Metrics
Metrics are measurements that quantify business performance Metrics are also your ticket to increasing that performance, improving planning and control cycles, and ensuring accountability. Initially driven by a need for corporate transparency and ....
5 Page (271 kb)  | Wendy Close

 5 Secrets for Building a Customer-Centric Business
According to a major analyst, enterprises that deploy CRM strategies will return at least 25 percent better financial returns than those that don’t. Small and midsize businesses can greatly increase their chances for success by becoming customer cen....
2 Page (290 kb)  | Wendy Close

 How to Measure and Increase Customer Loyalty
Customer loyalty has a significant impact on a company’s profits and its prospects for the future. This article provides insight on how you can find out where you stand with your customers and how to use that information to make your customers more ....
4 Page (177 kb)  | Wendy Close

 9 Tips For Using Lead Scoring to Close More Deals
All leads are not created equally.
Properly scored leads mean higher sales productivity. Learn to effectively score and qualify new business to make the most of your leads. We're showing you 9 tips to help you come up with an effective lead scoring process.
2 Page (82 kb)  | Kirti Patel

 5 Steps to Effective Lead Management
Fine-tune your lead management process to get more leads and then make the most of them. Align sales and marketing, grow your pipeline, shorten your sales cycle, and turn more leads into customers.
3 Page (102 kb)  | John Kucera

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