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ERP and CRM Lead to Customer Delight
See the latest statistics on how a fully integrated ERP and CRM leads to improved customer satisfaction, larger profit margins and more.
1 Page (61 kb)  | The Aberdeen Group

 Create a Foundation for Competitiveness with ERP and CRM
In this report, you'll learn how top performers utilize ERP and CRM to improve customer satisfaction without significantly increasing cost.
8 Page (105 kb)  | The Aberdeen Group

 From QuickBooks to Cloud Financials
Why fast-growing companies leave QuickBooks and adopt cloud financials to accelerate growth 21 Page (3.72 mb)  | NetSuite

Cloud ERP Solves a World of Challenges
Learn how NetSuite helped leading businesses such as Williams-Sonoma, Land O'Lakes and others improve their profitability with standardized business processes, omnichannel on a common platform, managing multicurrency, and much more.
15 Page (1.43 mb)  | SL Associates

 Services-Based KPIs That Matter
Learn how to identify and measure the KPIs (key performance indicators) that enable real-time business visibility and end-to-end business management.
(668 kb)

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