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How to Budget for New Software
Thursday 12/3/2015  |  1:00 PM ET
It's that time of year when many companies are building budgets for new software systems. But how many will be over budget when the project is finished? Will you?...
How to Eliminate the Weak Links in Your Supply Chain: Using Your ERP for Maximum Value
Thursday 12/10/2015  |  2:00 PM ET
Like many in the processing industry, you are probably feeling the pain of having your customers pushing costs up their supply chains. And with tight margins and high levels of asset utilization, you...
What's New in Business Software: How to Improve Profitability & Productivity
Tuesday 12/15/2015  |  1:00 PM ET
How do you know which software solutions will: - Improve profitability and productivity for your business? - Increase sales and improve customer relationships? - Provide real-time visibility into the...
Healthcare Supply Chain Management: Syncing Provider and Supplier for Improved Results
Thursday 1/14/2016  |  1:00 PM ET
Medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing is increasingly challenging, with quality and compliance issues increasing, regulatory scrutiny stricter than ever, and products more complex. Adding to...
5 Ways to Leverage Real-Time Consumer Insights
Wednesday 1/20/2016  |  1:00 PM ET
Understanding your consumer is crucial to your brand and business. Thankfully, new technologies can capture real-time data on consumer behaviors. But capturing data is one thing--leveraging that data...
How to Define Scope for Your Software Project (Recorded Webinar)
Free Webinar: Define Project Scope for Successful Business Management Software Implementation
Defining the scope of your software project prevents the dreaded 'scope creep' that leads to software that cannot possibly be implemented on time or on budget. Make sure that you clearly define the...
Build an Effective Business Case for a Software System Change (Recorded Webinar)
Free Webinar: Build an Effective Business Case for Replacing Your Business Management Software
You know your company needs new business management software, but you have to make the case to management. How do you build an effective business case for the investment? Learn how to identify your...
NetSuite vs. Sage: Which Software is the Best for Your Company (Recorded Webinar)
See Which Software Solution Would Best Meet Your Company's Needs
Find out how two of the leading ERP vendors’ products compare in the key areas that matter to you in this complimentary webinar. Especially now that Sage has announced new products including X3 Cloud...
The Paperless Office & Document Management: Myths, Legends and the Truth (Recorded Webinar)
Cut through the mystery and the hype. Learn what is real!
In this rare event, we invited speakers from the top 3 industry solutions to help shed light on the Myths, Legends and the truth about the term Paperless Office; what it is and is NOT! Panelists from...
OmniChannel: The Supply Chain is Radically Changing - Ready? (Recorded Webinar)
OmniChannel: Is it just a new buzz word for moving product or is there more to it?
Consumer purchasing habits and demands have changed radically. Have supply chain processes changed radically too? Whether Manufacturer, Distributor, or Retailer, all need to know what Omni-Channel...
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