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Sage 100 ERP Version 4.50 Supported Platform Matrix

The information in this document applies to Sage 100 (MAS 90) ERP Version 4.50. Detailed product update information and support policies can be found on the Sage Online Web site at:

This document is intended to cover all information regarding the compatibility of various operating systems with Sage 100 (aka Sage MAS 90) as of August 17, 2011. Any operating system not listed should be considered incompatible.

Note: It is critical that before and during an installation, this document is thoroughly reviewed, along with the Sage 100 Installation and System Administrator’s Guide and other documents found by clicking the Installation Information link of the main Sage 100 (MAS 90 and 200) Support Web page. This Web page can be found on the Sage Online Web site at If development partner or Extended Solutions customizations or modifications have been made to your Sage software, coordinate with your Sage business partner and your development partner before installing Sage 100.

For information about integrated solutions compatibility, refer to the Integrated Solutions Compatibility Matrix on the Sage Online Web site at: Web site content can change at any time. Sage has no control over, and cannot be responsible for, the content of other companies' Web sites. If your platform is not listed in the matrices below, it is not supported.
Sage 100 Version 4.50 Supported Platform Matrix (revised 8/17/2011)
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