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Purchase Order Enhancements, Customizations and Modifications

These Purchase Order Customizations, Enhancements, Modifications and Extended Solutions are designed to add new functionality to Sage 100 (formerly known as MAS 90 and MAS 200). In conjunction with Sage and our product partners, Blytheco offers the following comprehensive purchase order solutions for Sage 100.
eRequester   eRequester
eRequester is a Web-based procurement management, purchase requisition, authorization routing, and purchase order system. It allows companies to define and implement standardized purchasing practices, which streamlines and manages supply chains.

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Purchase Order Requisition
Blytheco’s Purchase Order Requisition allows users to send a Purchase request to their purchasing agent/department to request an item, such as a file cabinet or laptop. The purchasing agent can then send out bid requests to multiple vendors.

Purchase Order Requisition for Sage 100
  Scanco Barcode Solution for MAS 90
Fax Master for MAS 90   AR/SO/PO Full-Screen Comment Editor
Sage MAS 90 comments in A/R, S/O & P/O are entered in 50 character increments. Blytheco modifies the data entry program to include a full screen editor eliminating this 50 character limitation.

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Sales Order/Purchase Order Line Merges
Merge Ranges of any data entry line or any Sage MAS 90 memos into any Sales Order or Purchase Order line entry screen. This enhancement provides a more efficient procedure for entering, maintaining and printing Sales Order, Quotes, Invoices and Purchase Orders.

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  CRM for MAS 90
True Commerce EDI for MAS 90   Sales Order to Purchase Order Link
This enhancement allows Sales Order lines and Purchase Order Lines to be cross-referenced or linked together. SO to PO Link provides a more efficient and effective procedure for managing the current Purchase Order and availability status of Sales Order Lines.

Sage 100 Sales Order to Purchase Order Link
Automatic Next Vendor Number
If you want to set up Vendor Accounts quickly, then Blytheco’s Automatic Next Vendor Number enhancement is for you. Just like the standard feature in Sales Order Data Entry, our enhancement allows you to automatically generate the next available Vendor Number, based upon the starting sequence you set up in Accounts Payable Options.

Automatic Next Vendor Number
  Automatic Next Vendor Number

Select Purchase Order Extended Solutions:

PO-1086 Invoice Creation in SO from PO Receipts Create Sales Order Invoices from Purchase Order Receipt of Goods and /or Receipt of Invoices. Sage Software Extended Solution PO-1020: Purchase Orders Created From Sales Order Line Items must be installed and enabled in order for this Extended Solution to function. Our Quote
PO-1020 Purchase Orders Created from Sales Orders Automatically creates Purchase Orders from Sales Order and Sales Order Invoice line items. Our Quote
PO-1129 Purchase Order Default Control Add several default control features to your Purchase Order module, including Purchase Order History. Our Quote
PO-1030 Purchase Order Encumbrance Adds a new system of tracking Purchase Order Encumbrance by General Ledger Period. By printing the P/O Encumbrance Report, a new database file is created which contains all outstanding Purchase Order line items. The data items of this new file are: Period Ending Date, G/L Account Number, Purchase Order Number, Line Index, Vendor Number, Vendor Name, Item Number, Line Item Description, Unit of Measure, Quantity Ordered, Quantity Received, Quantity Invoiced, Unit Cost and Amount Not Received. Our Quote
PO-1038 Weight Extended by Line Item with Order Total Insert six display-only fields in a new window that displays from the Lines tab. For Inventory Item lines, it displays Weight Each, Weight Extended (Quantity Ordered multiplied by Weight Each), Order Total Weight, and a user-defined Inventory Category Code: Each, Extended Amount, and Order Total. Our Quote

Full List of Purchase Order Extended Solutions:

PO-1008 Purchase Order Copying Allows you to select a Standard Purchase Order in addition to Master/Repeating Order Numbers when creating a new Purchase Order.

PO-1012 Purchase Order Forms Printing Enhancement Adds new features and fields to the Character Purchase Order Printing program.

PO-1014 Purchase Order Retentions Adds the ability to post job retentions to Accounts Payable from the Purchase Order module.

PO-1019 Vendor Item Numbers on Purchase Order Line Items Adds a Vendor Item Number field to the Purchase Order, Receipt of Goods (ROG) and Receipt of Invoice (ROI) line entry screens for each Inventory Item. You may also set tab stops for the Vendor Item Number in P/O Entry, ROG Entry and ROI Entry.

PO-1020 Purchase Orders Created From Sales Orders Automatically creates Purchase Orders from Sales Order and Sales Order Invoice line items.

PO-1021 Custom Comment Posting to G/L The G/L posting comment for the P/O Receipt of Goods/Invoice and P/O Return of Orders can be customized when posting to the following accounts: 1) Purchases Clearing, 2) Inventory Account, 3) Special Item Cost Account and 4) Miscellaneous Charge Account.

PO-1022 Special Items Clearing Account A purchases clearing account can be specified for special and miscellaneous items. This new account functions substantially like the inventory purchases clearing account and will even handle variances between received cost and invoiced cost.

PO-1026 Special and Miscellaneous Item Update to Job Cost Allows special and miscellaneous items, which are posted to a job from Purchase Order, to be posted to the job at the time the Receipt of Goods is updated, rather than waiting until the Receipt of Invoice is processed. General Ledger postings are not affected by this Extended Solution.

PO-1030 Purchase Order Encumbrance Adds a new system of tracking Purchase Order Encumbrance by General Ledger Period. By printing the P/O Encumbrance Report, a new database file is created which contains all outstanding Purchase Order line items. The data items of this new file are: Period Ending Date, G/L Account Number, Purchase Order Number, Line Index, Vendor Number, Vendor Name, Item Number, Line Item Description, Unit of Measure, Quantity Ordered, Quantity Received, Quantity Invoiced, Unit Cost and Amount Not Received.

PO-1031 Items Purchased To Job As Inventory Issuances Allows Purchase Order Receipts that include Inventory Items tagged for a Job Number to be treated as Inventory Issues.

PO-1033 Alternate Unit Of Measure A: Adds IM-1038 Integration to Purchase Order B: Adds two new fields, Cost per Alternate Unit of Measurement (CAUM) and Quantity per Alternate Unit of Measure (QAUM), to the Purchase Order Line Entry screen.

PO-1034 Receipt Of Goods Import Utility Imports data from a file directly into the Sage 100 Receipt of Goods.

PO-1036 User Defined Fields for Purchase Order Adds thirty User Defined Fields (UDFs) to the Purchase Order Entry Header and Receipt of Goods/Invoice screens.

PO-1037 Cash Basis Accounting and History Provides the ability to operate a cash basis accounting system within MAS 90 MAS 200 requires AP-1006: Cash Basis Accounting for Accounts Payable.

PO-1038 Weight Extended By Line Item With Order Total Adds six ‘display only’ fields in a new window which will display from the Lines tab. For Inventory Item lines, it displays Weight Each, Weight Extended (Quantity Ordered times Weight Each), Order Total Weight and a User-Defined Inventory Category Code: Each, Extended Amount, and Order Total.

PO-1044 Custom Comment Post to Job Cost Allows the user to select one of six of comment postings to the Job Cost transaction detail file. It is designed to be used with JC-1005: Vendor Name on Job Cost Transaction Report, JC-1009: Full Item Descriptions.

PO-1047 Enhanced Allocation Of Freight Adds the concept of Sales Tax Allocations and allocation of both tax and freight of line types other than inventory items (e.g., special and miscellaneous items and miscellaneous charges).

PO-1050 User Defined Line Fields For Purchase Order Adds up to 30 new User Defined Fields (UDFs) to Purchase Order Line Item entry. The UDFs may be printed on Purchase Order Forms. The UDFs will be displayed in Purchase Order, Receipt of Goods and Receipt of Invoice line item entry. Each P/O UDF may be associated with specific Product Lines for display and entry.

PO-1054 Warehouse Refresh For P/O Receipt of Goods Adds a window to the header screen of Purchase Order Receipt Of Goods entry that pops up after a change is made to the warehouse code.

PO-1058 Purchase Order Data Entry Tracking by User ID Records the Date and User Code of the individual who creates a new Purchase Order or who updates an existing Purchase Order.

PO-1061 Price and Cost Maintenance From Purchase Order Adds the ability to change price and cost fields in the Inventory Item Masterfile without leaving the current Receipt of Goods/Invoice.

PO-1062 Foreign Currency Processing Provides a method to enter and maintain Purchase Orders in a foreign currency.

PO-1067 Over Issue Prevention During Material Issues Will warn and optionally prevent a user from issuing items if the quantity to be issued exceeds the Quantity On Hand on a Purchase Order of type ‘Material Issue’ as well as on a ‘Material Requisition Issue.’

PO-1071 Receipt Update To Not Refresh Purchase Order Unit Cost Will prevent the update of a Unit Cost entered during Purchase Order Receipt of Goods or Receipt of Invoice that differs from the Unit Cost originally entered on the Purchase Order to be written back to the original Purchase Order.

PO-1077 Enhanced Purchase Receipt History Retention Allows detail lines received on invoices from Receipt of Goods (ROG) and/or Receipt of Invoice (ROI) entry to be displayed on the Receipt History Inquiry screen. This Extended Solution also allows comment lines to be displayed on Receipt History Report and Receipt History Inquiry.

PO-1085 Six Decimal Precision For Purchase Order Adds the ability to use up to six places of decimal precision for calculations.

PO-1086 Invoice Creation In Sales Order from Purchase Order Receipts Create Sales Order Invoices from Purchase Order Receipt of Goods and /or Receipt of Invoices. Sage Software Extended Solution.

PO-1020: Purchase Orders Created From Sales Order Automatically creates Purchase Orders from Sales Order and Sales Order Invoice line items.

PO-1094 Landed Cost Adds new features and processing to support posting an Inventory Item’s Landed Cost in the Inventory Management and Purchase Order modules. Costs associated with the entire Purchase Order as well as costs associated with individual items on the Purchase Order may be entered. Purchase Order Receipt of Goods inflates an item’s cost with these landed costs.

PO-1097 Purchase Order Memos Adds the ability to enter and maintain MAS 90 MAS 200-style memos for Purchase Orders. A new report has been added that allows you to print Purchase Order memos.

PO-1115 Enhanced Open Purchase Order Report.

PO-1117 Purchase Order Authorization Levels Adds the ability to control the conditions under which a Purchase Order may be printed or have a Receipt of Goods or a Receipt of Invoice performed. Extended Solution

PO-1036: User Definable Fields for P/O Header must be installed and enabled in order for this enhancement to function.

PO-1120 Retain Completed Purchase Orders for 9,999 days Allows retention of completed purchase orders for up to 9,999 days.

PO-1121 Items Purchased To Job To Increment Quantity on PO Causes the ‘Qty on PO’ Inventory Management field (by Warehouse) to be updated with quantities from P/O lines having a Job Number.

PO-1125 Purchase Order Line Item Sorting Options Causes item lines to be sorted as the lines tab is exited during Purchase order Entry.

PO-1126 Purchase Order Import Utility Is a utility designed to import data from an ASCII file into the Purchase Order data entry files.

PO-1127 Multiple General Ledger Account Allocation Adds the ability to distribute Inventory Items to multiple ‘inventory’ accounts during data entry. Purchase Order $1,095.00 $535.00

PO-1128 Purchase Order Export Utility Exports Purchase Order data for up to ten Vendor Numbers to an ASCII text file.

PO-1129 Purchase Order Default Control Adds several default control features to the Purchase Order module.

PO-1134 Master Order Quantities Considered 'On PO' Adds Master Order Balance Quantities to the I/M Warehouse ‘On P/O’ Bucket.

PO-1135 UOM Lookup to Display Only I/M Masterfile UOMs Modifies the Unit of Measure lookup in Purchase Order Entry to only list the Standard UOM, Sales UOM and Purchase UOM set up in the IM Masterfile.

PO-1136 Customer Specific Information

PO-1137 Unit Cost Write Back to Drop Ship Sales Order Line Writes back the Unit Cost from a Purchase Order line to the Drop Ship Unit Cost field on the associated Drop Ship Sales Order line. If the order has been invoiced, the Drop Ship Unit Cost will also be written back to Accounts Receivable Invoice History.

PO-1138 Inventory Update from ROG When Job Cost Installed Allows you to update from Receipt Of Goods to the Inventory Management module when there is job information on a PO line.

PO-1142 Protect ‘Clear’ Option on Receipt History Report Restricts access to the ‘Clear’ button on the Receipt History Report selection screen to users flagged as ‘supervisor.’

PO-1144 Segment Substitution for Freight COGS Accounts Substitutes the Customer Division into the Cost of Goods Sold and Freight Accounts for drop ship Purchase Orders. Purchase Order $895.00 $535.00

PO-1145 Primary Vendor Designation During Item Entry Adds a new Primary Vendor Number field that will be available when an Inventory item is created on-the-fly in Purchase Order Entry, Receipt Of Goods Entry and Receipt Of Invoice Entry.

PO-1146 Enhanced P/O Vendor Price Level Adds a date field to P/O Vendor Price Level Maintenance.

PO-1149 Sales Order Creation from Purchase Order Entry Allows you to automatically create a Sales Order from a Purchase Order.

PO-1150 P/O Deletion Utility New utility that deletes Purchases Orders for Closed or Complete Job Numbers.

PO-1151 Alternate Unit Cost Default in P/O Entry Calculates Unit Cost during Purchase Order Line Entry for Inventory Items as the product of the Item’s Retail Price and a P/O Line UDF that holds a multiplier.

PO-1153 Vendor Rebates as Negative Landed Costs Automatically calculates Landed Cost based on vendor rebate percentages stored in Custom Office Vendor />
PO-1155 Enhanced Automatic Reorder Selection Provides an option to not lock the PO1 file during Automatic Reorder Selection thereby allowing other users to be in PO Data Entry while reorder selection is taking place.

PO-1156 P/O Line Custom Office UDF Import Allows you to update five existing P/O Line UDF values via an import.

PO-1157 PO Receipt Update to IM With Jobs on the Line During PO Receipt of Goods Update, when a job number is referenced on a line, posting to Inventory Costing and Transaction files will occur.

PO-1158 Square Foot Calculation with Custom Office UDFs Creates a Square Foot calculation in Sales Order Entry and in Purchase Order Entry using Custom Office UDFs.

PO-1159 Drop Ship Orders From Master Orders Allows you to create a Drop Ship Purchase Order from a Sales Order and to also reference a Master Purchase Order to thereby relieve quantities on a Master Order via Drop Ships.

PO-1160 UDF Calculation to Return Qty Received Allows you to specify three Custom Office P/O Receipt Line UDFs to be used in calculating Quantity Received.

PO-1161 Purchase Order Creation on the Fly from ROG Entry Creates a Purchase Order on the fly in Receipt Of Goods Entry via a new `#` button next to the P/O Number field. In addition, this solution adds the Totals tab field `Prepayment` to the ROG Lines tab.

PO-1162 Quick Print a `Receiver` from Receipt of Goods Allows you to print a `Receiver` from Receipt Of Goods. A `Quick Print` button, only available when there is a Purchase Order Number on the receipt, has been added to Receipt Of Goods.

PO-1163 Lot Receipt Entering for Slab Processing Modifies Lot Distribution Entry in P/O Receipt Entry with a new ‘Auto Create’ Button that creates as many Lot Numbers for a Distribution as a specified ‘Number of Slabs.’ The Lot Numbers will be construed from a user entered value plus a sequence number. CM-1003: Lot and Serial User Defined Fields is required.

PO-1164 Enhanced Auto Generate Orders Selection Removes the restriction that the Inventory Management module must be installed to use Auto Generate Orders. In addition, this Extended Solution allows Inventory Item lines to use a different Vendor Number.

PO-1165 Paperless Office: Purchase Orders Prints Purchase Orders, both graphical and non graphical forms, as PDF documents.

PO-1166 Update P/O Receipt Qty to Originating Sales Order ‘Back flushes’ over-received quantities on the P/O ROG Line Item to its corresponding Standard or Master Sales Order line.

PO-1169 Enhanced COGS Account in Receipt of Invoice Modifies Receipt of Invoice for Drop Ship type Purchase Orders to use the G/L Account Number stored with the line on the Purchase Order as the COGS account during update.

PO-1174 Purchase Order Copy Adds a 'Copy from' button to the Purchase Order Entry screen allowing for all of the MAS90 P/O Types (Standard Order, Drop Ship, Master Order, Repeating Order and Material Requisition) to be copied to another order of the same or of a different type.

PO-1175 Password Required to Enter Special Items Prompts for a password in P/O Entry, P/O Receipt of Goods Entry and P/O Receipt of Invoice Entry if the user attempts to enter a line for a Special Item (*).

PO-1176 No Changes Allowed to P/O Lines after ROG Prompts for a password in Purchase Order Line Entry for Standard Type orders if the user attempts to make changes on lines that have a Received Quantity.

PO-1177 Auto Lot Number For P/O Receipts & W/O Completions Adds a ‘#’ for Next Lot Number button to Lot distribution in Purchase Order Receipt of Goods. You will be restricted for keying in a Lot Number when this Extended Solution is enabled.

PO-1179 Purchase Order History Adds Purchase Order History to the Purchase Order module.

PO-1180 Quantity On Hold for Purchase Order Allows the Qty Ordered for Items on Purchase Orders which are On Hold to not be reflected in the ON P/O bucket of IM2. Instead they will be placed in the ON W/O bucket. The act of changing that flag to unchecked will remove the quantities from the ON W/O bucket and will return them to the ON P/O bucket. No changes will be made to the title of the ON W/O bucket.

PO-1181 Open P/O Report with PO-1036 UDFs Allows you to print PO-1036 User Definable Fields on the Open Purchase Order Report.

PO-1182 Consolidated Postings to Job Cost Modifies the update of costs from the Purchase Order Receipt of Goods to Job Cost. It will consolidate each cost posting from a given Purchase Order which references the same Job Number, Cost Code and Cost Type.

PO-1183 P/O Cancel Utility Adds a Purchase Order Cancel Utility to the Period end menu. It can be used to: • Cancel lines on Purchase Orders • Reset ordered quantities on lines of Purchase Orders Cancel Purchase Orders all together.

PO-1184 Explodes I/M Sales Kits during ROG Kit Explosion in P/O ROG.

PO-1185 Quantity on Hand Warning in Purchase Order Entry Modifies P/O Entry to perform a calculated check of the quantity on hand in all warehouses for each Inventory line as it is entered. If there is excess quantity in any warehouse you will be presented with a listing of warehouses and quantities.

PO-1186 Calculated Lot Qty during PO Receipt of Goods Calculates the Lot Qty Received by multiplying two specified IM-1191 User Defined Fields then dividing them by a Setup specified value.

PO-1187 Enhanced Auto Generate Orders Allows you to select specific Sales Orders for auto generation of Purchase Orders as well as denote a multiplier with the selection. The multiplier will be applied to the Sales Order quantity ordered to create Purchase Orders quantities in excess of the quantities on the Sales Orders.

PO-1188 Perpetual Purchase Orders Modifies Purchase Order logic to allow • The quantity ordered on a Purchase Order line to be zero but still copy the line to the P/O Receipt of Goods Entry. • Update the zero quantity ordered line on the P/O with receipt line information • Prevent the Purchase Order status from converting to ‘Complete’ • Prevent any receipt variance postings.

PO-1192 Partial Receipt of a Miscellaneous Item Extension Allows for partial receipts of dollar amounts on Miscellaneous Item and Special Item lines. This product was designed to be used when contracting for services as partial receipts are processed against a contracted dollar amount, not a quantity.

PO-1193 Landed Cost Type: Duty Factor Adds a new Allocation Method: Duty Factor. Each item’s Duty Factor is stored in an Item UDF. The Duty Factor method will allocate the landed cost expense by determining a number of points for each line based on the item’s factor multiplied by its received cost extension.

PO-1196 Freight Posting to Job Cost Allows you to distribute freight charges among jobs during Receipt of Invoice Entry. All freight charges will post to the Cost Code and Cost Type defined in Setup during the Job Transaction Register Update.

PO-1197 Enhanced Purchase Order ROG Entry Modifies Purchase Order Receipt of Goods Entry when an Invoice Number is not referenced. It will default the unit cost of an Inventory line to the item’s standard cost rather than the unit cost from the Purchase Order line.
Purchase Order Module for Sage 100
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