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JobOps — Job Shop Software for Sage 100

Does getting it done on-time and profitably mean anything to your business?

JobOps is a suite of Job Management modules for Sage 100 ERP. JobOps is suited for small and mid-sized companies ($7-50 million), in the manufacturing, installation and service/field repair areas.

  Job Shop Software, JobOps, MAS 90
If your business is building a product, providing installation or field service — it means everything. Managing a job-driven business with a typical ERP software system is not easy. JobOps Job Management Software provides critical tools needed to manage even the most complex jobs while streamlining the way you work — adding efficiency and control.
On-Time Delivery
JobOps job shop and tracking software is designed to enhance the work flow of your operations. Smooth transitions from Estimating, to Orders, to Production Control to Purchasing, to Scheduling, to Job Cost Accounting and Tracking, to Field Services are critical to meeting your delivery dates and made much easier using JobOps.
Better Service to Your Customers:
When you deliver a service or a product, customers expect the best from you. Completing jobs on time is critical. Price is important. Profit is necessary.
Your challenge is getting jobs done on time, at a price that provides value to your customer and contributes to your bottom line on each and every job.
Job management is the only way to make sure it happens and job management is what JobOps is all about.
Better Control of Your Operations:
Inventory. Labor. Resources. Controlling any one without the other leads to chaos. Not having any of these available when needed defeats any gains made in controlling the others.
The secret is making sure that your customers’ requirement date drives the planning for your inventory, labor and resources.
Job management is organization, efficiency and control and JobOps delivers this in one single integrated solution.
Since each job can be unique, careful tracking of estimated costs to actual costs is necessary to manage the profitability of your business. JobOps provides detailed analysis of each job to give you the best possible picture of where you are making money and where there is room for improvement. Incorporating features such as the rules based product configurator, MRP 2, and capacity planning, JopOps is a highly effective cost estimate software manufacturing firms like yours can rely on.
Better Management Means Better Business:
Estimates, Work Orders, Planning, Purchasing, Tracking and Costing. Every job needs them — JobOps helps improve the workflow between these necessary and important functions.
Better communications between departments leads to more efficiencies and fewer fire drills.
Job management with JobOps is proactive, providing your company with management by exception tools that are critical to your success.

Growth is really not that difficult – deliver a good product and get it out the door on time and your business will grow with your reputation. The trick is in managing that growth. JobOps provides tools that allow you to manage by exception. Detailed reporting and tools that identify potential problem areas allow you to focus on ways to improve the business. Additional tools provided by JobOps maximize efficiencies in determining solutions to those issues. JobOps helps you find ways of improving your business and makes it easier for your employees to take care of daily operations. JobOps delivers the comprehensive manufacturing enterprise resource planning capability your company needs.

JobOps - 2 page brochure (PDF 174 kb)
JobOps - 8 page overview brochure (PDF 1,402 kb)
JOScan and WOScan Manufacturing Barcode Automation for JobOps and Sage 100 ERP
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