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Sage 100 Accounts Receivable Solutions

Customizations, Enhancements and Modifications specifically designed to add new Accounts Receivable functionality to Sage 100 (formerly known as MAS 90 and MAS 200). In conjunction with our product partners, Blytheco offers the following comprehensive accounts receivable solutions for Sage 100:
Email Manager for MAS 90   Broadcast Invoices and Statements
This customization automates the collection process by sending monthly statements and open invoices electronically via fax or email. Send broadcast email messages to individuals, selected ranges or your entire Customer and Vendor contacts database from within Sage 100.
Email Manager for MAS 90   Email/Fax Manager Suite
The Email/Fax Manager Suite enables you to fax and email documents directly from Sage 100 to your customers and vendors, saving time and money. The average cost to mail an invoice is $1.20. Email is free, and fast!
Email Manager for MAS 90   Email Manager for Sage 100
Send broadcast email messages to individuals, selected ranges or your entire Customer and Vendor contacts database from within Sage 100. Text, HTML, and any file type can be sent/attached. All emails will be individualized to each contact you select
  Credit Card Processing for Sage 100
Credit Card Processing for Sage 100 enables you to process credit card transactions quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. Payments are authorized and processed directly from within Sage 100.
Fax Master for MAS 90   FaxMaster for Sage 100
Do you Repeatedly print, fold and stuff invoices, statements, purchase orders and sales orders? With Blytheco's FaxMaster, you can fax documents directly from Sage 100 to your customers and vendors. Never again will you have to search for fax numbers.

Extended Solutions for Accounts Receivable:


AR-1007 A/R Ship To Addresses Adds ability to use Ship To Addresses on A/R Invoices and Repetitive Invoices.

AR-1011 Repetitive Invoice Sales Code Description Refresh Adds an option to the Repetitive Invoice Selection function to Refresh Sales Code Description.

AR-1017 Invoice Import To Data Entry Files

AR-1018 Enhanced A/R Aged Invoice Report Adds the following options to the Accounts Receivable Aged Invoice Report: • A Customer Ship-To Code sort option • A date range for selecting paid invoices

AR-1019 Monthly Sales Tax Report

AR-1021 Sales Analysis Reports By Salesperson Adds seven new reports. See manual for details.

AR-1027 A/R Enhanced Invoice History Search Adds 'Customer phone number,' 'Lot/Serial number' to the Accounts Receivable Invoice History Inquiry and Sales Order ‘Copy From.’

AR-1028 Minimum Charge Invoice Creation

AR-1032 Consolidated Statements Allows you to print statements which consolidate information as Consolidated Customers (divisions for the same customer number) or Consolidated Sort Fields. This Extended Solution also adds a new custom Consolidated Customer Sales History report (see Specific Purpose Rule) which consolidates only on division.

AR-1034 Cash Accounting For A/R and S/O Enables Accounts Receivable and Sales Order modules to operate on a ‘Cash’ basis. General Ledger postings, normally occurring when the Sales Journal is updated, are delayed until the payment is applied either through Cash Receipts or customer deposits. Reports are included to list what postings will be made to revenue for all open invoices, and an additional Monthly Cash Receipts Report has been added to detail the G/L impact of all cash received during the month.

AR-1039 Consolidated Credit Line Accounts Receivable and Sales Order modules consolidates the credit line for A/R customers by the Sort value.

AR-1049 Enhanced Salesperson Commission Reports Adds a number of new options to the Salesperson Commission Report.

AR-1054 Automatic Credit Hold Utility (See also AR-1115.) Allows you to set a customer's Credit Hold flag by printing the Aged Invoice Report. A customer will be flagged as on Credit Hold if he or she has either exceeded his or her credit limit or has an A/R account balance greater than zero on or before the Credit Hold Aging Cutoff Date.

AR-1056 Expanded Numeric Mask for Price/Cost/Quantity Allows for the specification of a numeric mask of up to six decimal places for the Unit Price field, and up to five decimal places for Quantity and Cost fields in Invoice Data Entry, Invoice History Inquiry and Repetitive Invoice Entry. These masks will be used for field entry in Invoice Data Entry and Repetitive Invoice Entry and for display in Invoice History Inquiry.

AR-1064 Enhanced Customer Mailing Labels Customer Mailing Label printing with an option to print labels for all Bill-To and Ship-To addresses.

AR-1066 Automatic Next Customer Number Creates an Automatic Next Customer Number option in Accounts Receivable Customer Maintenance. SQL only title.

AR-1068 Customers with National Accounts Allows a Bill To Master Customer for each A/R Customer. Additionally, if you are using divisions in A/R, you can specify one A/R division as a ‘Bill To’ division and one as a ‘Sold To’ division. (See manual for further features.)

AR-1070 Invoice History Edit Allows you to edit portions of the Accounts Receivable Invoices from Invoice History Inquiry. Once you press the ‘Accept’ button, the A/R Invoice History Sort files will be updated to reflect any edits made.

AR-1077 Cash Receipt Custom Comment Posting to General Ledger Will post Cash Receipts to the Cash, Accounts Receivable and Discounts accounts in General Ledger with invoice detail. Additionally you have the option to only enable this feature for up to three Customer Divisions.

AR-1091 Sort Field & Customer Type Validation Allows you to specify the field length and Setup validation values for the standard MAS 90/MAS 200 A/R Customer fields ‘Sort Field’ and ‘Customer Type.’ A Setup Utility is provided to create and maintain values for validation to be used during A/R Customer Maintenance.

AR-1093 Form Codes By Division for A/R and S/O Adds Division Name and Address fields to A/R Division Maintenance. The new fields may be printed on A/R Statements, A/R Invoices, Sales Orders, S/O Picking Sheets and S/O Invoices. In addition, you may specify a Form Code by Division for Sales Order Forms and Sales Order Invoice Forms.
AR-1095 Retain Paid Invoices for 9999 Days Allows paid invoices to be retained for up to 9,999 days.

AR-1097 Invoices with OCR Coding Enables Accounts Receivable invoices to be printed with a special scan line printed in OCR-A or OCR-B font.

AR-1098 Repetitive Invoice Enhancement Adds a new feature to the Repetitive Invoice Selection feature. When desired, any repetitive invoice entry which is selected for generation may generate up to 11 additional invoices. Each additional invoice will be identical to the first except for the invoice date; the month will increase with each successive invoice.

AR-1099 Import Into Cash Receipts This import utility creates Cash Receipt entries directly from an ASCII file. The entries can be maintained and deleted through Cash Receipts Data Entry.

AR-1105 Sales Analysis Reports By Customer

AR-1115 Enhanced Credit Checking Two new Module Options have been added: ‘Allow Credit Terms Override’ and ‘Allow Credit Hold Override.' The existing Module Option to ‘Allow Credit Limit Override’ will now check only the status of the credit limit. This Extended Solution also adds a log file to track which orders/invoices have experienced Credit Hold, Credit Limit, or Credit Terms overrides as well as recording who performed the override.

AR-1117 Security For Customer Inquiry Provides the ability to hide unit cost in invoice history inquiry.

AR-1119 Default Control and Alternate Field Masking in A/R

AR-1121 Repetitive Invoices With Billing Schedule

AR-1122 Preserved Comment Codes for Accounts Receivable Invoices

AR-1124 A/R Invoicing of Jobs to Multiple Customers Allows the entry of a Customer and Job that are not related in the Job Masterfile.

AR-1125 Salesperson Commissions Reduced in Cash Receipts Reduces the commission on an invoice by the discount applied during Cash Receipts entry.

AR-1128 Contract Receivables System Provides a simple way to track information on loans outstanding. In addition, it provides a method for dividing payments into Principal, Interest and Late Fees. There is an option to calculate interest on a daily rate, and, if in use, there is also an option to calculate a loan payoff amount. Sage Software Extended Solution AR-1080: User Defined Fields For Customer Masterfile must be installed and enabled in order for this Extended Solution to operate properly.

AR-1129 Sales Tax Automation System Provides a method for creating Sales Tax Schedules via a Sales Tax Automation Import from the CCH ZIP Sales Database. These Tax Schedules are then associated with Zip Codes. Utilities are provided for updating Customers, Ship To Addresses, A/R documents and S/O documents with these Tax Schedules based on Zip Code.

AR-1132 Sales History Recalculation Utility Utility to recalculate Inventory’s Warehouse Item Sales History file from the A/R Invoice History files.

AR-1133 Sales Analysis Report With Detail and C/M Options Creates specialized Sales Analysis reports based on IM-1038, Alternate Unit of Measure.

AR-1135 Combined Invoice and Statement Printing

AR-1136 Finance Charges on Average Daily Balance

AR-1138 Sales Tax Reduced By Discounts in Cash Receipts

AR-1139 Invoice History Inquiry With Toggle to Sales Order Inquiry

AR-1142 Customer Data Change Across Divisions

AR-1143 Refresh Repetitive Invoice When Tax Rates Change

AR-1144 New to Aged Invoice Report Indicator

AR-1145 Buyer Sales Report

AR-1146 Accounts Receivable History Output to DBF File

AR-1148 Sales Code Discount by Customer

AR-1149 Multiple Company Accounts Receivable Reports

AR-1151 Utility Company Billing

AR-1152 Security by Division Adds security by Division to specific locations in Sales Order and Accounts Receivable. Users without clearance will not be allowed to enter Division Codes in specific Reports, Data Entry, and Inquiry Screens. You can choose which users should be included or excluded in the Setup for this Extended Solution.

AR-1154 Sales Managers For Accounts Receivable

AR-1157 Security For Customer/Salesperson by User ID Adds the ability to set up security for Customers or Salespersons, by user ID, for Inquiry options in the Sales Order and Accounts Receivable modules. Only authorized users or users not entered in the security file will be able to access specified Customer or Salesperson data.

AR-1158 Ship-To Code Ten Character Alias Adds a new 10-character Ship To Alias field to Accounts Receivable Ship To Address Maintenance. This field is accessible on the Header Tab of Sales Order and S/O Invoice Entry, allowing you to select a Ship To Code by a Ship To Alias.

AR-1160 Disable Account Number Validation

AR-1161 Commission Deletion for Invoices Outside of Terms

AR-1162 Commission Editing During Cash Receipt Entry

AR-1163 Invoice Entry Defaults

AR-1164 ‘Smart’ Processing on A/R Invoice Header UDFs

AR-1165 Cash Expectation Report with Summary Option

AR-1166 Override Bill-To Address During Invoice Entry

AR-1167 Enhanced Invoice History Display

AR-1168 Enhanced Commission Edit Register Update Changes the update of the Commission Edit Register to create one A/P invoice for each A/R invoice processed and provides additional options for the A/P Invoice Comment.

AR-1169 Receivable Export

AR-1170 Laser Labels for Accounts Receivable Mailing Labels

AR-1171 ‘Return’ Tracking in Accounts Receivable

AR-1173 Sales Order Deposits On Receivable Reports Adds detail of customer deposits referenced on Sales Orders to the Accounts Receivable Trial Balance and the Aged Invoice Report work files as well as selection options which govern the manner in which they print.

AR-1174 Open Invoice Export Utility

AR-1175 Receivable Factoring Message

AR-1176 OCR Printing on Statements

AR-1177 Sales History Preservation

AR-1178 A/R Sort Field Change Utility

AR-1179 Refresh Customer Name in A/R History

AR-1183 Enhanced Customer Maintenance ‘On The Fly’

AR-1184 Area Code Change Utility

AR-1191 Commission Rate by Price Level Allows the setup of a Commission Rate by Product Line and Price Level.

AR-1196 Perpetual Open Invoice History

AR-1199 Sales History Report by Custom

AR-1200 Cash Receipts Entry By Invoice Number Allows the entry of an Invoice Number in Cash Receipts Entry. When an Invoice Number has been entered, the Customer Number of the first matching Invoice from the Invoice History file will be placed in the Customer Number field.

AR-1203 Invoice History and Open Invoice Purging

AR-1205 G/L Segment Substitution by Custom Office UDF Performs a customer specific segment substitution to the Sales Account during A/R Invoice Entry. The segment value will be defined in an A/R Customer User Defined Field. The Custom Office module must be activated and you must specify a value other than ‘None’ for the A/R Setup option 'G/L Segment to Post A/R Sales’ in order for this to function.

AR-1207 Default Sales Account by Customer/Sales Code

AR-1210 Enhanced Temporary Customers

AR-1213 Specify Accounts Receivable Account by Invoice Allows you to designate an Accounts Receivable G/L account number on each Invoice. This will be used in place of the Receivables account specified in A/R Division Maintenance.

AR-1215 A/R Commission Report with Job Number SubSort Job Number sort option to the A/R Commission Report. When this option is selected, the report will only print Commissions Payable when certain conditions are met.

AR-1216 Invoice History Collection Notations Adds ability to add notations to A/R Invoice History Invoices.

AR-1218 Customer Purchase Order Number Validation Checks to see if a Customer Purchase Order Number is currently being used or is referenced on any Invoices in History for this Customer. If it has been used, a window will pop up, listing all instances found.

AR-1219 Custom Office UDF Added to Invoice History ALE Add an AR Invoice Header Custom Office UDF as a new column to the AR Invoice Number ALE during AR Invoice History Inquiry.

AR-1220 Cash Receipts Multiple Discount Accounts Allows you to distribute Cash Receipts discounts to more than one General Ledger account.

AR-1223 Paperless Office: Statements Prints A/R Statements, both graphical and non graphical, as PDF documents.

AR-1224 Ticket Printing for Cash Reciept This EASY Solution™ allows you to quickly print physical receipts from Cash Receipt Entry.

AR-1225 Paperless Office: A/R Invoices Prints A/R Invoices, both graphical and non-graphical, as PDF documents.

AR-1228 Enhanced Paperless Invoice Viewer Adds the ability for the user to display one A/R Invoice Custom Office UDF in the A/R Paperless Office viewer for invoices. One of the following Extended Solutions must be installed and enabled in order for this Extended Solution to function: SO-1437, Paperless Office: Sales Order Invoices JC-1147, Paperless Office: Job Cost Invoices AR-1225, Paperless Office: A/R Invoices

AR-1229 Enhanced Graphical Statements Provides a new Crystal statement work file which contains invoice history line detail. It also provides an option to select zero-balance invoices by a range of transaction dates.

AR-1231 Customer Price Schedule Lookup Adds a new Price Lookup option button that will be available in Accounts Receivable Customer Maintenance, Accounts Receivable Customer Inquiry and in Sales Order Entry. This button allows you to display a listing of the Inventory Items for which the customer has a Customer Price Schedule.

AR-1232 Enhanced Customer Invoices Tab Suppresses the display of ‘Credit-X’ transactions within A/R Customer Maintenance tab. There is also an option to display the Invoices on that tab which are associated with prior years in a different color. The date used to determine this color is specified in Setup.

AR-1234 Job Number Required in A/R Invoice Entry Requires a Job Number to be defined during Accounts Receivable Invoice Entry.

AR-1235 Statement Printing with Sales Order Selection Adds Sales Order Number criterion to the Statement Printing Selection tab.

AR-1236 Customer Contact by Invoice Line Adds Contact Code as an additional column to the Lines grid of Accounts Receivable Invoice Entry and Accounts Receivable Repetitive Invoice Entry.

AR-1239 Multi Company Customer Synchronization (See also AP-1085.) Synchronizes Customer Maintenance information across multiple companies. Additional functionality is available if you have LM-1019, Paperless Office: Electronic Forms Delivery, installed and enabled.

AR-1240 Commission Deletion Utility Adds an option to Accounts Receivable Commission Edit Maintenance which allows you to change the commission amount to $0.00 if an invoice is not paid within a specified number of days.

AR-1241 Segment Substitution On The Fly for Cash Receipts Modifies the Account Receivable Cash Receipts Journal to perform the same segment substitution logic on the Accounts Receivable account as was used when the invoice was updated with Extended Solution SO-1056: Segment Substitution On The Fly.

AR-1242 Enhanced A/R Invoice History Printing Adds the AR Invoice History Header UDF to Invoice History Printing selection. It also allows the selected invoices to be printed in Customer Name order.

AR-1243 Auto Invoice Replication Allows you to create a series of identical monthly invoices from one invoice during Invoice Data Entry. Each invoice will have its Invoice Date incremented by a month and its Due Date calculated accordingly. The number of invoices to create is determined by the value in a Setup specified Invoice UDF.

AR-1244 Customer Warranty Database It is a data base for storing product warranty registration information. Records can be entered directly into this database or from Sales Order Line Entry or Customer Maintenance. Sales Journal Update will be modified to write additional data.

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