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 Doing more for less with HR technology tools
Improving results and lowering costs with a Human Resource Management System
In many organizations, the HR manager faces a dilemma. You’d like to spend more time truly improving the overall work environment for your employees....
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Avoid Costly Fines
Ten Compliance Mandates You Can't Afford to Ignore
Learn how to protect yourself and your organization from government scrutiny, noncompliance penalties, or expensive employee lawsuits. Sage created this...
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Social Media and HR - Friend or Foes?
In business, social media can provide unique opportunities to promote products and services, find and recruit talented employees, and deliver an interactive...
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Stay In Control
The Benefits of In-house Payroll Software
In this white paper, we'll illustrate the benefits of integrated, in-house payroll software. You'll find comparisons of how in-house payroll software...
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The Best Team Wins
Ten Tips To Hone Your Recruiting, Hiring and Onboarding Process
The success of any organization depends on its people. Employees are a company’s greatest asset—and that asset must be managed to yield positive...
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 Evaluating HR Management Software
Five Key Factors that Should Guide Your Decision When Choosing an HRMS
The right HR management software can help the HR team increase control over employee data, optimize productivity, and take employee engagement to the...
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Return on Employee Investment (ROEI)
Increase Competitiveness Through Your Biggest Asset
This white paper looks into investments that can help a company maximize the value of its workforce, and shows how technology can help improve ROEI and...
17 Page (620 kb)  | Sage
 15 Factors to Consider When Changing How You Process Payroll
When changing how you process payroll, there are numerous considerations that must be taken into account. You will want to think about the features that...
9 Page (292 kb)  | Sage North America
 Relationship Management: Using Information to Enhance Supplier, Customer, and Employee Interactions
Business Relationship Management means everyone in the organization, from the Controller to the Warehouse Manager, has access to information about every...
10 Page (379 kb)  | Brown Smith Wallace Consulting Group
 Navigating the Mine Field of Federal and State Leave Laws
You will learn How to determine when an employee qualifies for FMLA, USSERRA and ADA/AA. The importance of coordination of compliance and record keeping....
25 Page (816 kb)  | Mary Anne Osborne, SPHRThe Osborne Group
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