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Sage HRMS—Webinars and Recorded Webcasts

(formerly Sage Abra HRMS)
Sage Alerts & Workflow Overview (Recorded Webinar)
Business Intelligence for your HR data.
In this webinar, you will get a behind-the-curtains look at how you can quickly identify trends and easily take appropriate actions when it comes to your company's most critical asset: your workforce....
Employee Satisfaction vs Employee Engagement (Recorded Webinar)
Why you need to know the difference
Deep dive with Donna Baeza,Blytheco's Director of Human Resources & HRMS as she uncovers the vast difference between ‘employee satisfaction' surveys and 'employee engagement' surveys. Donna will also...
Sage Time and Attendance (Recorded Webinar)
Automate Your Timekeeping
During this webinar, you will learn how Sage Time and Attendance can add the functionality you need to automate timekeeping and task scheduling. A demo will also be a part of the event to reveal more...
What's New in Business Software: How to Improve Profitability & Productivity (Recorded Webinar)
How do you know which software solutions will: - Improve profitability and productivity for your business? - Increase sales and improve customer relationships? - Provide real-time visibility into...
How to Budget for New Business Software (Recorded Webinar)
It's that time of year when many companies are building budgets for new business software systems. But how many will be over budget when the project is finished? Will you?...
Sage 100 Payroll vs. Sage HRMS Payroll (Recorded Webinar)
See a side-by-side comparison that will show you the features available in Sage HRMS Payroll that you DON'T have in Sage 100 Payroll now. We will show you a live demonstration of Sage HRMS Payroll and...
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