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RFID: When is the best time to consider a solution?

It's rare to pick up a business publication these days without reading a story about RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). This new technology received scant attention until Wal-Mart's announcement mandating its implementation and use by their key suppliers. Since then, compliance mandates have been issued by other industry giants like Target and Home Depot.

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Optimize Your ERP System: How to Avoid the Implementation Sins

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems offer much potential to improve your way of doing business. By providing accurate, real-time information throughout your supply chain, an ERP system can help your company be more competitive. Seamless integration of information flows across all departments through a centralized database, provides a unified view of the business, and enables ...

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Tips for Maximizing the Return on Your ERP Investment

As the economy picks up steam, organizations are increasing their investments in enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology as a way to help grow their business. Yet because the recovery remains uncertain, organizations remain concerned with squeezing the most from their IT investment dollars.

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An ERP Guide to Driving Efficiency

Improving business efficiency is a perennial concern for any company that hopes to achieve "best-in-class" operations. Businesses that successfully improve efficiency stand to reduce operating costs while improving the effectiveness and profitability of their operations. They also gain time to devote to strategic planning. While many companies employ siloed applications ...

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Maintenance, Support, and Training The Tripod That Protects Your Software Investment

There is a great deal of discussion these days about the cost and value of maintenance, support, and training. This paper will examine real-world pros and cons associated with each area. It covers the theory and the reality of what is in the marketplace, looks at the economics, and makes recommendations.

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Operations Management

Imagine that you are responsible for the operations of a midsized distributor. That means you are responsible for making sure everything works. That might be challenging enough, but then the constraints are added. You have little power over all of the areas that contribute to your success, there are never sufficient resources to do it right the first time, and external trading ...

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7 Steps to Building a Business Case for ERP

Businesses are looking to make technology investments to prepare for growth. But with the economic recovery uneven and uncertain, they remain cautious about these investments. One thing is clear: Any technology investments must deliver value to the business. To define this value and corresponding costs, businesses need to define a business case for their technology investments ...

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Warehousing: the Foundation of Distributor Profitability

Techniques for Maximizing Performance

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