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Sage MAS 200 ERP

— is now known as Sage 100 Advanced

Sage MAS 200 (now known as Sage 100 Advanced) offers all of the same features as Sage MAS 90, but adds the benefits and flexibility of a more powerful and scalable server.

For your business, Sage MAS 200 (now called Sage 100 Advanced) can deliver significant efficiencies gained in performance and productivity, especially if you have more than one location. Consider stepping up the technology and taking your business to the next level.If your company is large or growing, and has high transaction volume and/or remote locations, then Sage MAS 200 is right for you.

It’s easy to upgrade from Sage MAS 90 to 200 — all the same features, modules, Extended Solutions, and third party solutions that are available for Sage MAS 90 are also available for Sage MAS 200.

A Sage MAS 200 Microsoft SQL Server version (Sage 100 Premium) is available for those requiring the added reliability, security, and integration capabilities of this platform. (Note: Sage MAS 200 has been renamed to Sage 100 Advanced.)

Sage 100 ERP
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Sage MAS 200 ERP


Core & Essential Modules: Business Intelligence and Reporting:
Accounts Receivable Business Insights-Web reports on your business
Accounts Receivable Customizations  
Collections Crystal Reports - from your Sage MAS90 data
Accounts Payable Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting - Graphical financial reporting
Accounts Payable Customizations Business Alerts - Emails on business conditions
Bank Reconciliation Knowledgesync - Business Activity Monitoring
General Ledger Visual Integrator - Exchange data w/other apps
Business Insights-Web reports (included module)  
FAS Fixed Asset Accounting - for Sage MAS90  
  Time & Project Management:
Distribution: Abra HR - Human resources management
Inventory Management - Disposition of goods Payroll Module - In-house payroll preparation
Sales Order Payroll Customizations for Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200
Sales Order Customizations Magnetic Media Reporting - Comply with IRS regulations
Purchase Order Job Cost - Track project cost and revenue
StarShip - Shipping software for Sage MAS90
UPS WorldShip Link - UPS Shipping Pkg. Remote Salesperson
Bar Code Solutions - for Sage MAS 90 TimeCard - Automated timecard system
Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)  
Credit Card Processing - Solutions
Sales Tax for MAS 90 Vertical Market Modules
  Job Operations - for make-to-order manufacturing
  Automated Rental Module
Manufacturing: EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
Bill of Materials - Track components & charges Retail Point of Sale
Work Order Processing - for Sage MAS 90
JobOps - Job Shop Software
Material Requirement Planning (MRP) Additional Solutions
  Fax and email Solutions
Budget Maestro - budgeting management tool
Sales/Front Office Applications: Document Management
Saleslogix® CRM Solutions for Sage MAS90 Property Management Solution
CRM for Sage MAS 90 (and Sage MAS 200)  
More CRM Solutions for MAS 90 and MAS 200 Modifications, Enhancements and Customizations
  More Enhancements for Sage 100 (MAS90)
  Links, Synchronizations and Integrations with other apps
eBusiness Modules: bly|MOBILE - Access MAS 90 on iPhone or Browser
e-Business Manager - eCommerce for Sage MAS90  
IN-SYNCH - Synch MAS 90 data with your website  
Credit Card Processing  
Sales Tax solutions for MAS 90  


MAS 200 Modules
Note: in 2012, Sage MAS 200 will be renamed to Sage 100 Advanced.
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