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What is eRequester?

eRequester is a Web-based procurement management, purchase requisition, authorization routing, and purchase order system. It allows companies to define and implement standardized purchasing practices, which streamlines and manages supply chains. eRequester offers a custom-tailored solution through key modules including: Budget, Receiving, Inventory, Request for Quote, Mobile, Project Accounting, Multi-Currency, Payment Request, Punchout, and more...

eRequester helps improve business process by adding needed oversight and approval workflow to managing purchasing and expenses. Transform your internal processes with the straightforward requisition workflow in eRequester. With the top features designed to flexibly adapt to the needs of your organization, this purchasing solution has it all:
  • Web-based interface
  • Ability to make templates of recurrent orders
  • Built in calculations for totaling tax, shipping
  • Leverage business specific information such as locations, inventory and more
  • Ability to interact with other members of the approval chain

Want To Know More?

Feature Modules for a Custom Solution
Delve into our full list of feature modules to learn more about the extensive options to leverage eRequester to meet your organization’s specific requirements.
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