Direct Deposit (pr1017) — for Sage 100

(formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200)
Available for versions: 3.71, 4.05, 4.1
Direct Deposit saves your employees time. It also saves you money. A recent study shows that employees spend up to 3 days a year in trips to the bank. At the least, that ads up to $156 per employee! Companies can save up to $1.25 per payment by using Direct Deposit instead of checks. That includes the cost of paper, printing and postage. Do you want to simplify the payroll process? With Direct Deposit, you no longer have to sign checks or reprint lost checks.
Standard features:

Save Time! No more check processing and mailing

Save money! Direct Deposit can save your company up to $1.25 per payment on supplies, postage and administrative costs.
Simplify the payroll process!
Did you know?
97% percent of employees that use Direct Deposit are very satisfied with it.
The chance of having a problem with a check is much greater than with Direct Deposit.
Direct Deposit is especially helpful for employees who travel and those who telecommute because they collect their pay without visiting the office or the bank.
Annual Maintenance and Support Plan
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