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Focal EE Sample Reports


Employee Engagement Dashboard

The engagement dashboard is a powerful analysis tool that will allow you to understand your employee survey results in greater depth and with greater ease than you ever thought possible.

The following slide show highlights many of the key features of the engagement dashboard. Use the arrows to step through the features, or jump directly to your topic of interest on the list below.

Scalpel vs. Sledgehammer

In our experience, most engagement issues are local. Companies sometimes have broad-based problems that need to be addressed company-wide, but regardless of how a company is doing overall, there are alwaysthings happening further down in an organization that are having a negative impact on engagement within a specific department, location, workgroup, etc. The employee engagement dashboard will enable you to instantly identify these problem areas within your organization so you can take action more quickly and with greater precision.

Understand the Drivers of Engagement - "What Matters Most?"

The basic elements that influence employee engagement are largely the same across all companies, but the specific drivers often differ. 

The Engagement Breakdown highlights the areas that have the greatest impact on employee engagement at your company

Items that correlate strongly with engagement but that have low scores are the areas where change efforts will have the greatest impact on employee engagement. 

Items with high correlations and high scores tell you, "keep up the good work," and make sure any changes you make don't undermine these important areas. 

This same analysis is available for any demographic subgroup within your organization. 


Strategic Alignment and Employee Engagement

  • Does your organization have a clear strategy
    and set of goals?
  • Do employees understand the strategy and goals? 
  • Do employees understand how their work contributes
    to the organization's success?
Strategic alignment is related to employee engagement in two ways. 

Direction and Focus:
Employee engagement without strategic alignment results in wasted effort. Employees who are motivated to put in extra effort, but who do not have a clear understanding of organizational goals, are likely to focus their energy in the wrong direction. 

Sense of Purpose:
Strategic alignment is also a part of employee engagement because it gives employees a sense of purpose. Employees who understand what their organization is trying to accomplish and how they fit into that tend to be more engaged employees. 

The engagement dashboard looks at the interaction between strategic alignment and employee engagement, This allows you to quickly identify problem areas, as well as potential solutions to those problems. 

Targeted Written Comments - Virtual Focus Groups

Comments are often the most valuable part of the feedback process. They pick up where the numbers leave off, explaining what those numeric results mean and often even providing a solution to the problem. 

We take "actionable results" to another level by asking targeted follow-up questions in the areas that are most relevant to each employee who completes the survey. This means our employee engagement survey probes deeper into the specific issues that are of concern to each one of your employees. 

The company shown here has strong engagement overall with the exception of one area -Teamwork and Cooperation

Employees whose responses indicated that "teamwork and cooperation" was weak were asked to elaborate on the nature of the problem as well as proposed solutions to the problem. The company received several pages of detailed written comments that enabled them to better understand the issues and also suggested some ways to fix these issues. 

Numeric results and comments can also be viewed for specific demographic subgroups, which will enable you to isolate and target localized problems within your organization.

Measure Competency with Upward Feedback

Do managers have the skills needed to get the job done? Do they display the behaviors needed to motivate employees and build effective teams?

The engagement survey also measures manager competency with "upward feedback" - similar to 360 feedback, but measured in just one direction. You will be able to identify specific areas where managers are struggling and employees are disengaged so you can take corrective action. 

The competency model is based on statistical analysis of 360 degree feedback results for thousands of managers and leaders. We have distilled the key components and identified the most critical behaviors, and incorporated them into the engagement survey

Trend Data

How do you know if the changes you are making are leading to increased employee engagement? 

How can you be sure that new problems are not cropping up? 

You can repeat the entire engagement survey or an abbreviated version as often as you would like in order to keep your finger on the pulse of your company and track progress toward your engagement goals.

Interactive Elements

The dashboard includes several interactive elements that will help make your analysis easier.
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