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Sample Employee Survey Questions

A typical employee survey questionnaire covers topics like the examples listed below. Comprehensive questionnaires usually include about 50-60 rating questions (e.g. 5-point rating scale) as well as a few short-answer questions that ask for employee opinions and perspectives. 

An employee survey template that can be customized may be beneficial for some organizations, but it is important to start with a standard
employee survey questionnaire and to maintain the statistical integrity of that questionnaire.

Custom survey questions that are added to an existing survey template cannot be statistically validated or benchmarked, so it is difficult to know what the results are really measuring. 


I receive feedback that helps me improve my performance.


There is a strong feeling of teamwork and cooperation in this organization.

Quality and Customer Focus

People are held accountable for the quality of work they produce.

Mission and Purpose

I understand how my work directly contributes to the overall success of the organization.


My benefits are comparable to those offered by other organizations.

Workplace and Resources

I have all the information I need to do my job effectively.


Information and knowledge are shared openly within this organization.

Opportunities for Growth

My manager is actively interested in my professional development and advancement.

Work/Life Balance; Stress and Work Pace

The pace of the work in this organization enables me to do a good job.


My manager is always consistent when administering policies concerning employees."

Respect for Management

Our senior managers demonstrate strong leadership skills.

Respect for Employees

My manager values my talents and the contribution I make.

Performance and Accountability

People are held accountable for achieving goals and meeting expectations.

Personal Expression / Diversity

People with different ideas are valued in this organization.
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