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Focal EE Employee Survey Pricing

Simply enter the number of employees you will be including in your survey to see how economical Focal EE is. The more employees you have, the less each employee costs:
How many employees? 
Cost per Employee: 
Total Cost: 
  • Complete employee survey
    53 statistically validated and benchmarked items. Shorter or longer questionnaires
    available (as few as 12 items or as many as 74 items).
  • Targeted follow-up questions
    Unique for each respondent, based on his/her answers.
  • Personalized item phrasing
    e.g. Your company's name inserted into survey items.
  • Custom demographic categories
    Upload a spreadsheet of employee data or ask demographic questions.
  • Dedicated project manager
    We set everything up for you and hold your hand throughout the entire process.
  • Interactive dashboard
    A powerful online analytical tool that will allow you to explore and understand your
    results in greater depth.
  • Action planning tool
    Set and track development goals online.
  • Dashboard debriefing
    A one-hour review of your results, focusing on key findings and how to use the dashboard
    (via web conference).

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