Focal EE Overview - What is Focal EE?


In a Nutshell

Focal Employee Engagement is a cloud-based survey solution that is easy to setup and administer, yet powerful and robust.  It is packed with professional, pre-written survey questions that have been proven effective for over 20 years.  You can measure performance with metrics from thousands of other companies that have used the same questions.  Recommended for organizations with 75 or more employees, Focal EE provides you with tools to assist you in planning your employee pre and post survey email communications. 

Included is a robust dashboard to help you carve into results quickly and efficiently and includes tips and pointers located throughout your results to help you make sense of the data.  You can go from surface data to a mile deep by segmenting manager, location, department, and more in just a few short clicks

So, How do You Effectively Measure Employee Engagement?
Employee engagement is typically measured using a specially designed survey that uses psychologically developed questions specifically designed to measure engagement and alignment within an organization.  The data must be statistically validated and benchmarked against other organizations to provide useful results.
With Focal EE You Can Get Actionable Results:
  • Get a complete picture of what drives employee engagement in every part of your organization.
  • Understand what matters most to your employees
  • Identify hidden trouble spots and at-risk groups deep within your organization
  • Find out what is broken – and how to fix it!
Focal Employee Engagement is a cloud-based survey solution that…
  • Measures Engagement & Alignment
  • Is Easy to Setup and Administer
  • Is Packed With Professional, Pre-written Survey Questions
  • Includes 20 Years of  Benchmarking
  • Has a Simple, Robust Dashboard
  • Allows Drill-Down Capability Into Different Areas of an Organization
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