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Focal EE: Get to Know Your Employees

Measure employee engagement and satisfaction.

Focal Employee Engagement (Focal EE) is a cloud-based employee survey solution that is easy to setup and administer. Vastly different than a simple employee satisfaction survey, Focal EE goes deeper with time-tested survey questions written by psychologists. Focal EE gives you the tools to identify, understand, and fix employee engagement problems through actionable results.

Key features include: Over 53 pre-written questions, benchmarking data, tight confidentiality protocols, a dashboard housing deep probing analytical tools and step-by-step help. Focal EE is recommended for organizations with 75 or more employees.

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Why should you do a Focal Employee Engagement survey?

If you are looking here, then you already may have your own ideas. Here are three big ones:

1. Align Employees with Company Strategic Goals

Employees are more likely to focus their energies in the right direction when they understand and are aligned with strategic goals.

2. Increase Productivity

When employees are engaged they are simply more productive.  They are more willing to give what it takes to get the job done accurately and efficiently.

3. To reduce ‘wrong’ employee turnover

Some turnover is healthy. Employees who are not a good fit leave, which makes way for fresh perspectives and energy. By contrast, unwanted turnover happens when a company loses talented employees they want to keep.

What is the difference between satisfaction and engagement?

Do you want a satisfied employee or an engaged employee?  Let’s find out…

Employee Satisfaction is the extent to which employees are happy or content with their jobs and work environment.  For some, they may be satisfied doing as little work as possible! 

Employee Engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and are motivated to do more than the bare minimum.

Compare Employee Engagement vs. Employee Satisfaction

Compare Employee Engagement vs. Employee Satisfaction

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You know that impacting employee engagement is important, but you just aren’t sure where to start or how to impact specific priorities for your business. You’re not alone, and we can help! Thousands of businesses just like yours have already benefited from the Focal EE Employee Engagement Survey tool. If you’d like to know more, call 800-425-9943 x2500 for a free consultation and EE Engagement survey tool demonstration.

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