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The Duct Tape Video*


*In the world of the Blytheco Marketing Department, this one had the working title, "Duct Tape Video", but somehow naming a video after a prop did not seem up to the high standards of The Blytheco Marketing Professionals. It was Greg Went's fault anyway (always is).

Then we called it "Customer Retention Strategy", which really got my blood pumping. I mean, wow! Now that's more like it! The Blytheco Marketing Department was so excited. We were "high fiving" in the halls.

Then a temporary janitor walked by my office and said, "Your trash can is full, and that's not really an especially compelling title to your target market segment now is it?" The Blytheco Marketing Department, went back to work and after several weeks of useability studies and executive meetings we came back to "The Duct Tape Video". Adding the "The" really made the difference! I hope you agree!

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