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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM—It’s not just for the sales team anymore!
When CRM is integrated with your back office functions…

Products for Sales and Marketing
The Heart of Your Organization – Professional Services and Software from Blytheco. more
  Sales VP
Selling is the heart of the business; without sales, the company doesn’t exist. Giving sales teams the tools they need to manage their work makes them satisfied and productive. more
  Marketing VP
CRM can help by allowing teams to set up, turn on, and measure campaigns easily, using email, direct mail, and other methods to expand their reach. more
CEOs and Owners
If you are responsible for the success of your business, you know that you must have customers at the center of your business. more
  VP Finance, Accounting
Careful accounting means setting rules for your business and adhering to them. more
  CRM Strategy
Build your customer strategy. more
Customer Service
CRM is a must for Customer Service teams who want to consistently satisfy customers and sell more to them. more
  CRM Software
No matter which CRM software below is right for your business, you’ll find it’s easy to implement, easy to use, easy on your budget.
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